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Greece’s countdown for lifting major lockdown restrictions from May 14

Greece is preparing to lift several lockdown restrictions including the sending of sms to leave home, limited time for shopping, inter-regional travel and curfew. The country’s epidemiologists’ committee is meeting today, Tuesday, evaluating the epidemiological data. Their recommendations are to be taken into account by the government that takes the …

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Click Away – Click Inside: How to do retail shopping in areas in tougher lockdown

Shopping with click away and click inside retail stores has returned after several regional units and municipalities, including Attica and Athens have been place in tougher lockdown regime since Saturday, January 30, 2021. This systems are valid for retail only. Purchases at supermarkets, grocery stores, bakeries etc as usual. Click …

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Click-away: How to do your Christmas shopping in Greece

Retail stores that are not allowed to open during the Christmas holidays can operate with click-away service, Greece’s Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis announced on Friday. The service is for shops with separate entrance but not for shops in malls or big shopping centers. The measure is in force from 13. …

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Emine Erdogan helps Greek Economy

The wife of Turkish Prime Minister, Emine Erdogan, goes shopping in noble suburb Kolonaki. According to Greek Media she buys 7 pairs of High Heels within 45 minutes. The bill sums up to 983 Euros. She asks for reduction. She gets only 15% because shop rents in Kolonaki are high. …

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