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SMS to <13032>: New five-digit phone number for retail shopping in Greece

Greece’s government has found a new tool to enable citizens to do their shopping in retail stores with sms to a different five-digit number, other that the one they usually use to exit their homes.

The new number will be used exclusively for shopping in retail, Digital Governance Minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis told Parapolitika FM on Tuesday.

“At the moment we are considering measures specifically for retail. We are examining, together with Development and Investment Minister Adonis Georgiadis and Alternate Development and Investment Minister Nikos Papathanasis, technological measures that will allow a faster opening of the retail sector,” he said.

Media reported that citizens will have to send their sms to <13032> and will be allowed to do their shopping within 3 hours – or better say: be back home after three hours.

The sms to <13032>will be used only once per day and the system will not accept it if a second or third time.

The option will be most likely <7>.

For purchases at supermarkets, bakeries etc, citizens will continue to send sms with option <2> to <13033>.

The new system will be launched once the government will decide to open again retail shops in regions in hard lockdown like Attica etc.

It is still unclear whether shops will open with click away or with click inside.

One of the scenarios circulating on Tuesday morning was that the government was planning to open retail shops with a system like in supermarkets.

Things have have turned a bit upside down after health authorities announced a new spike with 2,147 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday.
Neither the minister nor the media reported about how the new system and the sms to<13032> will work for those who do not used their mobile phones for whatever reasons.

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  1. So when we go to the supermarket and stop midway to enter a retail, I assume we have to send 2 messages.
    You can always be sure that Greek burocrats find ways to make things maximal complicated.

  2. The government has always claimed that no data is stored on the 13033 system because to do so would/could break EU data protection regulations. Clearly, if 13032 will only allow 1 exit per day it must be storing some information, at least for 24 hours? Who is checking if the government is sticking to the data protection rules? The government?

    If they intend to use a different movement code, e.g. 7, why not just incorporate 7 in the 13033 system.

    They need to accept reality. If they allow a self declaratory paper system then they have no control of how often people leave the house. If they force people to use technology they permanently imprison everybody who does not have access to that technology.