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Greece’s countdown for lifting major lockdown restrictions from May 14

Greece is preparing to lift several lockdown restrictions including the sending of sms to leave home, limited time for shopping, inter-regional travel and curfew. The country’s epidemiologists’ committee is meeting today, Tuesday, evaluating the epidemiological data. Their recommendations are to be taken into account by the government that takes the final decisions.

Greece is determined to proceed with the lifting of major restrictions as it officially open its gates to international tourists over the upcoming weekend.

According to the scenarios reported by the media, from early Friday, May 14, 2021:

The obligatory sms to <13033> to leave home and to <13032> to do retail shopping ends together with the shopping systems of click away and click inside. The number of customers in stores will depend on the size and the square meters.

The curfew currently at 11 p.m. will most possibly shorten by one or two or even three hours. The goal is to lift it completely by end of May.

The curfew shorten will extend the operation of restaurants, cafes and bars up to half an hour before the curfew starts.

Inter-regional travel

Given the high risk of transporting the coronavirus to areas with good epidemiological profile, there might be recommendations to citizens who have not been vaccinated and will travel to another regional unit.

The scenario speaks of recommended self-test, molecular PCR or Rapid tests prior to the travel.

There is talk of different recommendations to those traveling to the mainland or the islands, where health structures are not efficient to deal with a virus outbreak.

According to some media, those traveling to the islands may have to prove negative self-, PCR- or Rapid-test before getting on board of ferries or airplanes. But for this measure, the government would first need to work out a plan with shipping and airline companies.

Those who have administered vaccination would need a vaccination confirmation.

Too bad, that many Greeks did not receive any confirmation of the 1st dose other than an sms reminding them their (2nd dose) vaccination appointment.

A vaccination confirmation can be obtained at the government platform emvolio. 14 days after the second dose – and possible after the single jab with Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Greece officially opens its gates to tourists with a specific protocol:

  • either a vaccination certificate confirming both doses – issues by the national countries authorities
  • or a negative PCR test carried out 72 hours before arrival to Greece.

Gradually from June, Greece hopes that the European Union member states will use the so-called “Green Vaccination Certificate” or “Covid-19 Pass.”

Official announcements

The official government announcement regarding the major changes in the lockdown are scheduled for Wednesday, May 12.

Tourism Minister Haris Theoharis is expected to announce the provisions for the entrance through Greece’s airports, ports and land borders on Thursday, May 13.

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