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50% of hospital doctors, 60% nurses reluctant to get Covid-19 vaccine

Not all health professionals in Greece’s hospitals intent to get the vaccination against Covid-19 expected to be launched in the country at the end of the month. 6 out of 10 nurses do no want the vaccine, while the rate of doctors is at 50%. hospitals across the country.

Already last week, health professionals started to declare to authorities whether they will be vaccinated and newspaper ethnos reveals the data collected from hospitals in  Athens, Piraeus and Thessaloniki.

Nurses are reportedly wary and just 35% to 40% have stated that their intention to get vaccinated.

It is noteworthy, however, that about 6 out of 10 nurses are extremely cautious and say no to the vaccine. A fact that concerns the Ministry of Health according to information obtained by the daily.

Hospitals in Athens

According to data available to ethnos, the medical staff in the largest health units Health Units is around 50% positive to the vaccine, while the percentage among the nurses reaches 46%.

Those who work in ICUs and Covid-19 have a greater participation, which is also attributed to the dramatic experience they have gained during all the months of the pandemic with patients losing their lives.

The rest of the staff in Athens hospitals recorded a percentage of vaccine intention at 30%.

Hospitals in Piraeus and Islands

In the hospitals of the 2nd Health District (2nd RAE) of Piraeus and Islands, the doctors said a relatively higher percentage of “yes” to the coronavirus vaccine.

Data show that 60% of doctors want to be vaccinated and 40% of nurses.

Hospitals in Thessaloniki

In the hospitals of Thessaloniki where most deaths from coronavirus have been recorded especially in recent months, the picture does not differ much from the rest of the country.

In the total staff of the Health Centers, the percentage of those who declared their intention to the vaccine reaches 53%, while in the Hospitals it reaches 52%.

In Northern Greece, nurses are also more reluctant and fewer than doctors said “yes” to get the vaccine.

The registration of health personnel concluded today noon, the results are to be announced later at the Monday live briefing.

The first batch of vaccines doses, a total of 300,000, will be used for health professionals who are in priority and have already expressed their intention.

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