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Greece tightens again lockdown restrictions from Jan 3

Greece tightens lockdown restrictions again after a soft and brief relaxation of several measures over the Christmas holidays. Government spokesman Stelios Petsas announced the tightening on Saturday morning saying that the measure aims to facilitate the reopening of schools on January 11.

Among others, the night curfew is extended, and banned is the click away shopping, the operation of hairdressers, nail shops  and other activities. Churches will be closed for visitors on Jan 6, even though the government had initially allowed limited number of faithful.

Night curfew is set again 9:00 p.m. – 5:00 a.m. Exception: health and work reasons.

As of tomorrow, Sunday, 3. January 2021, banned are:

-click away shopping

-operation of hairdressers, barber shops, nail shops, bookstores, KTEO

-hobby hunting and fishing

-presence of faithful in churches

Petsas recalled that no ceremony of Blessing the Waters,, Epiphany, will take place outdoors on Wednesday, January 6. He added that “churches will welcome again the faithful after Jan 11 for the Sunday services and the rules that applied on Christmas and New Year’s Day.”

He said that schools  will reopen again on Jan 11, however, he did not elaborate on whether all education levels will open at the same time.

The measures will be in effect from tomorrow and for one week,:6:00 am Jan 3 until 6:00 am Jan 11, Petsa said. He added that “we still do an effort, it is worth doing it preventive, as we all may have relaxed over the holidays.”

He said that aim is to reach with safety and the “best possible epidemiological situation” January 11th.

The second lockdown was imposed throughout the country on Nov 7, it was extended all over the month of December and it was supposed to end on Jan 7 with partial lifting of the economy and other activities, as the government unofficially “heralded” last week.

However, the impact of the holidays on the course of the pandemic is still to be seen. Media reported that these will be evaluated on Monday, Jan 4.

There were much fewer tests carried out over several Christmas and New Year days. On Dec 31 the number of new daily infections was 932 and just 597 on Jan 1 due to fewer testing. 93 Covid-patients died during these two days, while 429 remain intubated in hospitals ICUs.

Death toll reached 2,432 in the month of December; the highest month record ever since the outbreak on Feb 26, 2020.

Note that the other lockdown measures also remain in force.

Regarding dog walking during night curfew: According to a volunteer at an Animal Welfare, the same is valid as same as before  that is SMS <6> and close to your home.

More on coronavirus in Greece and lockdown measures here.

PS I must say, that this practice of open-close and open-close again, nurturing hopes and crashing them again resembles a waterboarding Greek style. On Dec 30, the Development Minister announced the possibility of “click in shop” and on Jan 2 in the morning the “opening of retail stores according to a zones-scheme.” That was just 2 hours before Petsas’ announcements.

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  1. can you relieve you dog after 9pm please???

  2. Lockdown alone is NOT sufficient. FREE (of charge) mass testing is necessary to find and quarantine COVID positive people. Greece does NOT want to spent the money for this?