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Greece to introduce “click in shop” to allow customers in retail stores

The Greek government is considering to introduce a system called “click in shop” to facilitate customers to visit retail stores during lockdowns. The system will permit shopping by appointment.

Consumers will be allowed to enter a store, see and even try products. The physical presence in the store will be able after customer and store have arranged an appointment.

This new shopping model is the extension of the “click away” where consumers purchase products online or per telephone and go to the shop to pick up their orders.

The click in shop could apply next month, however, not before January 7, the possible last day of the full 2-month lockdown.

The click away was not a full success especially for the clothes and shoes stores as consumers prefer to try them before buying and the issue of return the product or get refund was kind of complicated.

The government has implied to possibly proceed with some partial lifting of the lockdown depending on the epidemiological data after the seasonal holidays.

However, restrictions to retail will most likely continue as authorities want to avoid massive movement of citizens and queues outside stores as they would operate with a restricted number of customers inside.

It may even have to wait further as it is likely the restrictions to retail commerce will continue after that date.

Anyway, the government is expected to take decisions on the lockdown and the reopening of schools after Jan 4.

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