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IATA urges EU to adopt Greece’s “vaccination certificate” proposal

International Air Transport Association (IATA) is backing Greece’s for a digital European vaccination certificate and is urging the European Commission to adopt the proposal.

In an open letter to Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, IATA Director-General Alexandre de Juniac stressed that the proposal needs to be adopted urgently as it will help restart global mobility and form the basis for the return of economic activity to pre-crisis levels.

He said that a vaccination certificate that will be recognized across Europe would be an important step for governments to gain the necessary confidence to reopen their borders, but also for passengers to fly without the quarantine barrier.

On Tuesday, European Commission Vice-President Margaritis Schinas reportedly indicated that such a proposal may be approved by the end of January and this although there is currently little support within the European Union due to slow vaccination pace and possible discrimination of those who cannot receive the vaccine for various reasons.

“We need vaccinations certificates that would allow for a clear record of each individual’s vaccination history to ensure the right medical follow-up. A common EU approach to trusted, reliable and verifiable certificates would allow people to use their records in other EU member-states,” Schinas said.

“It would also open the door to other uses and help lift restrictions,” he added.

The “vaccination certificate” proposal will be on the agenda of EU leaders who meet on Thursday, January 21.

Interdependently of the EU decisions, Greece is preparing a “digital certificate” to be issued for those inoculated after the second vaccine dose. Citizens can use it as they want, authorities said on Tuesday.

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  1. In the last years before the coronavirus, I could visit my beloved Greece 4-5 times a year … Does Greece recognize Sputnik’s vaccination as correct? There will be no other vaccinations in my country …

  2. i hope not,all must be free to take the vaccin, or not,the ones who have the vaccin,they will be save,from the ones who are not vaccinadit,alle who comes from outside europe,they must have a vaccination certificate,and people from europe,must have one if they go outside of europe,,but people from europe,who wants to travel in europe,i dont think so,!!!

  3. Hope not!There is no way in having that vaccine and why should you be made to?!!It should be down to choice!

  4. There is no conclusive evidence vaccination prevents the spread of covid-19.

    Vaccines keep people from getting sick, not from spreading the virus, thus, a certificate is merely an assurance vaccinated people ‘may’ not end up in ICU.

    They do not even know how long any vaccine protects people from getting sick from Covid-19, therefore a vaccination certificate at this time is pointless.

    Greece and the travel industry need to face facts, mass-international travel and tourism AIN’T HAPPENING IN 2021. The islands will be empty of tourists for some time to come, mark my words.