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Stunning tomb monument of woman and mourning servant unearthed in East Attica

Archaeologists unearthed a marble tomb-like monument in Paiania, East Attica. The findings include two full-body female figures, a deceased and her servant, made of white marble. The monument has been found in the cemetery of the ancient Demos of Kathyperthen.

The monument features two female figures opposite to each other: on the right side there is the deceased woman sitting on a ornate seat resting her legs on a low footrest. She is dressed in a transparent Ionic tunic and robe.

On the left side, in front of the deceased stands her mourning servant, holding her head with her left hand.


According to a statement by the Greek Culture Ministry, the theme of the monument is typical in the tomb reliefs of the 4th century BC. Such a pattern has been also seen in the built-in tombstone in the Holy Temple of Agia Paraskevi in ​​Markopoulo, Mesogaia, in the column of Igisos from the cemetery of Kerameikos (National Archaeological Museum) and in the column of Mnissareti from Velanideza (Sculpture Gallery of Munich).

The Ministry statement added that the construction of luxurious burial monuments was forbidden by law by statesman Demetrius of Phalerum in 317 BC.

The ancient tomb monument  has been transferred for safekeeping and maintenance to the Archaeological Museum of Vravrona.

The excavation is evolving and other fragments are likely to be found. Remains of other eras are also excavated on the plot that belongs to the Municiplaity of Paiania and where the new town hall is supposed to be built

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  1. Very interesting, but what happened to the heads of both statues?