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Tragedy on Mt Olympus: Avalanche kills two hikers

An avalanche killed two men who went for a hike on the Mountain Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece. A third member of the group escaped the deadly snow and called rescuers.

The tragedy took place in the area of Xerolaki at a height of 2,600 meters.

Team from rescue service EMAK of the Greek Fire Service found the two victims under tons of snow.

The two men, aged 46 and 49, were experienced hikers and knew the area well, Sta TV reported.

However, the weather conditions on Thursday were rough, with temperature at -9 degrees Celsius and very strong winds.

Rescuers brought the survivor, who was in shock, to safety.

According to latest information from local media information, the two victims were doctors from Larissa working at the public health care system.

A Super Puma helicopter with rescuers and firemen from the service in Katerini and Elassona assisted the Search and Rescue operation on Mt Olympus famous for its peaks and  dangerous gorges.

From 1951 until today, a total of 59 hikers have lost their lives on Mt Olympus: 31 slipped down, 11 due to medical reasons,  6 from avalanche, 4 due to loss of orientation, 4 from hypothermia, 2 from landslide and 1 was hit by a lightning bolt.

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