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Greece toughens restrictions for “take-away”, “delivery” and “drive-through”

The Greek government toughened lockdown restrictions for restaurants and cafes operating with take-away, delivery and drive-through and threatens violators with hefty fines.

According to the new measures published in the official gazette on Tuesday, February 2, no customers are allowed stay inside or outside these facilities.

Fines for businesses are set to 3,000 euros

Fines for customers are set to 300 euros.

the measure applies throughout Greece and not in areas marked “red” only.

The “extraordinary measures to protect public health from the risk of further spread of coronavirus COVID-19 throughout the territory for the period from Saturday, January 30, 2021 and time 6:00 until Monday, February 8, 2021 and time 6:00 “(Government Gazette B ‘341).

“Take-away, delivery and drive-through services are provided only within the conditions of movement of citizens defined herein, without the presence of customers in the internal or external area of ​​responsibility of these companies.”

It is reportedly noted that the “extraordinary measure” enters into force on Tuesday 2 February.

The weird measure apparently is implemented after media reported that customers hang out outside cafes especially, take down their masks and chat with each other.

PS KTG understands that the take-away customers just take the ordered food or coffee and …run away.*rolling eyes*

Meanwhile, commuters keep crowding in public transport means at least twice per day as the Transport Ministry still has not taken any measures like increasing schedules…

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  1. How can we make the transportation minister answer to the public? It is the public who is suffering in Athens & its environs…

    You need to be ashame, since November people in lockdown! And this is to save lives? You are a liar…

  3. When will the majority of stupid Greeks realaise the damage they are causing. Flouting the rules/law as they seem to always do to their advantage. Definitely time to impose stricter/harsher lockdown rules for Attica/Athens.

    • Yes Brenda, I agree … too much flouting the rules … I see it everywhere …

      KTG … is there a resource where we can get “tracking” information? I don’t see it published anymore.

      How can we form good opinions if we don’t know where all these cases are coming from?

      I believe, as Brenda enumerates, that most are coming from contact with friends, family and neighbors. “community spread” … not from diligent shopping.

      • keeptalkinggreece

        you don’t? you have to check with the daily updates, links to official data under the maps as every day.