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Police detains 60 people protesting in solidarity with “17 Nov” convict Koufontinas

Greek police detained 60 people who staged a protest outside the Ministry of Health in solidarity with “17 November” convict Dimitris Koufontinas, currently in ICU due to hunger strike.

The anti-authoritarian group gathered outside the Ministry on Thursday morning and threw leaflets and raised a banner in support with Koufontinas.

Then they reportedly broke into the ministry entrance and police was called in.

The supporters were taken with police buses to Greek Police headquarters in Athens.

via efsyn

63-year-old Koufontinas has been on hunger strike for 42 days, after his request to be transferred to Korydalos prison in a ward specially designed for the convicted members of terrorism organization “17 November” has been turned down.

He has been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of Lamia hospital in Central Greece a few days ago, due to deterioration of his health. He has reportedly suffering from serious damages like diplopia, peripheral nephropathy, electrolyte disturbances, severe weight loss, prolonged immobility with a risk of sore wounds, bleeding gums, etc.

The prosecutor of Volos has ordered “force feeding” something that the Federation of Greek Hospital Doctors rejected citing international laws.

The so-called hitman of 17 November is serving 11 life sentences plus 25 years for crimes committed as a member of the terrorist organization.

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  1. Why aren’t you characterizing these protesters as far left wing? You characterized the protesters of Covid restrictions as far right wing (with no proof of them being so).

    Your bias seems obvious.

    • anti-authoritarians.

      • No……left wing radicals. They were responsible for 23 murders and were named a terrorist group by Greece, US and every other responsible country.

        They are left wing terrorist.

        Why can’t you bring yourself t9 state the truth?

        • N17 was as you say…but N17 was disbanded years ago. These protesters demanding the Greek state respect its obligations to all Greek citizens, including those imprisoned, are not left wing terrorists. They are exercising their democratic rights to assemble and demonstrate. Also ekathimerini (pro gov bias, as Soula noted below) clarified, they did not “break in,” but rather “barged in,” a rather significant semantic difference in the eyes of the law, as the former is a crime and the latter is not.

  2. Pretty much every media outlet has a political leaning – I stopped reading ekathimerini because of its affiliation with the current dictatorship holding office. There’s no shortage of media outlets (forcibly, if not voluntarily) regurgitating whatever the PM and his goons are peddling these days. I was lucky enough to find this alternative, which suits me. I wouldn’t want to discourage people from reading this platform but if you don’t like what you’re reading, you can always find something else to read. It’s not rocket science.