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PM Mitsotakis sees extension of lockdown due to infections increase

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis sees an extension of the lockdown, especially in Attica, due to the spike of coronavirus infections. The infections increase changes plans to open the retail sector, the months of February and March are critical because we have not built a wall of immunity.

This is what the Prime Minister reportedly said during a cabinet meeting held via teleconference on Wednesday morning.

Mitsotakis emphasized that the infections increase, “de facto removes our intention to proceed with a gradual reopening [of retail] on March 1.” He underlined that the government always follows the recommendations of epidemiologists.

“This [increase] And this is something we have to deal with, because we know very well that we have not yet built a wall of immunity and the months of February and March are very difficult months – always, traditionally – for all respiratory infections,” he said.

Hee added that “main message we need to send is that we need to stay very focused on the measures that we know work. I know that all our fellow citizens are tired, but at the moment we really have in our hands a weapon that we did not have a few months ago and that is the weapon of vaccination. And we know very well that we are nearing the end of this great adventure. Therefore, under no circumstances should the success of the vaccination become an alibi for complacency.”

Mitsotakis praised the rapid progress of the vaccination program and said that he estimated that soon one million people will have been inoculated.

On Tuesday, health authorities announced 2,147 new coronavirus infections with half of them detected in Athens and Attica. The pressure on the hospitals in Greek hospitals increases as 357 Covid-19 patients are intubated and the trend has been rising since last week.

According to latest information Wednesday noon, the epidemiologists’ committee is meeting to evaluate the data today and tomorrow and take crucial decisions on the hard lockdown that was initially imposed in Athens and Attica until February 28.

Experts told media that they see an extension of two weeks.

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  1. “Nearing the end of this great adventure”? I didn’t realize that Mitsotakis is a comedian…

    • He is going to get his salary even if he shuts down the entire economy for 6 monhs. These politicians should be made to work in the covid19 wards of their local hospitals. In that way they would really be serving their country.

  2. The money lost on taxes every month would suffice to build and staff 2 temporary hospitals with 200 ICUs each. That would double the country’s ICU capacities. But this requires some action, coordination, and effort in general. It is easier to incarcerate the nation.

  3. There is so much talk about a hard lockdown. You only have to walk around to see that a large percentage of people do not wear masks correctly, under their noses or chins plus many still not wearing them at all.
    The people that gather in parks and outside coffee shops are a prime example.
    You see many police in groups and people walking straight past them without the proper use of masks and they are not approached by police at all, so why bother having these rules in place if no one enforces them!!

    • The police, in common with most educated people, know that the idea of wearing masks on the street is not only pointless but also potentially hazardous in several ways. It is in small enclosed spaces that masks are useful in limiting the spread of the virus, not outdoors at all. The police are therefore behaving intelligently in this situation, unlike those who whine that people are “not obeying the law” when the law is an ass.

    • I completely agree. ‘Hard lockdown’ what a joke! The parks and platias are full, barely anyone wearing

      Also the comment about the uselessness of masks outdoors is only valid when people are social distancing. Not when groups of friends are ‘hanging out’ within centimeters of each other for extended periods of time. This is why the mask rule outdoors was introduced, because people lack common sense. The rule is an ass, but only because it isn’t implemented.

      Also, hazardous how? Is it hazardous to ‘educated’ surgeons working in close proximity for hours at a time? Hmmm. Which educated people are you talking about? The conspiracy theorists? Very intelligent indeed!

      • Again, we see people with no medical background insisting that their version of science (which strangely is the same as government policy and recent laws) is correct and that any disagreement is CONSPIRACY THEORY. By this criterion, the world’s leading medical journals have been publishing peer-reviewed articles for the last year which are nothing other than conspiracy theories!

        The science is well known, contrary to the asinine assertions of politicians. The only safe environment is outside, because the wind immediately removes water droplets which may contain viruses, and even if some are picked up the viral load is so low that there is no serious infection. The immune system can cope with very low viral loads. The converse is also true: the immune system cannot cope with very high viral loads, as experienced by nurses and doctors coming into frequent contact with infected patients.

        So, outside it is sensible to keep a small distance (e.g. 1m) away from people, and avoid breathing into each other’s faces. The wearing of masks other than for short periods is not mandated by medical science: there is no knowledge of how the lower oxygen levels will impact on long term health. Therefore, the compulsory wearing of masks other than for short periods (in a supermarket, for example) is a human experiment devised by politicians. Moreover, the effectiveness of masks according to published research is a maximum of 50% protection. That is not very much, in fact. What is more important is to keep your distance, and avoid socializing too much, if you are afraid of contracting the virus.

  4. Interesting comments….. All quite involved and with a high level of “expertise”…
    Good that they are not in any government 🙂