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Targeted testing reveals new UK, South African Covid-19 mutations in Greece

Tests conducted by the National Genomic Surveillance Network on 606 new samples from January 9 to March 23 have revealed further cases of coronavirus variants in Greece.

Out of the 606 samples, 475 samples were found to be the United Kingdom variant of the coronavirus, bringing the total of that variant up to 3,373 in Greece. The South African variant of the coronavirus was only identified in 3 of the samples, bringing the total up to 59.

The new samples were from the regions of Attica, Macedonia, the Peloponnese, Epirus, Thessaly, Central Greece, Crete, the islands of Corfu and Lesvos.


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  1. I get more than a little annoyed when one of the virus variants is referred to as the ‘UK variant’, or ‘Kent variant’.
    No, it is not a variant developed in the UK – as suggested, it is a variant that was FIRST identified by the labs in the UK.
    The variant was brought thru Europe and into the UK by migrants who crossed the English Channel in rubber dinghies, landing on the Kent coast – quite illegally.
    But it suits those in the EU commission and particularly Macron in France, who wish the UK – untold misfortune because it suits their narrative that the UK could not survive outside the EU as a sovereign nation and is the source of one of the fastest transmitting Covid variants.
    Not the member states and their peoples – who have democratically elected leaders, but the nasty pieces of UNELECTED work in the EU Commission with their aim of a form of Communism with subjugated Federal States with no power.

    • Well, boohoohoo. If there is ever a country or a people in Europe that shows disdain for the rest of the continent then it are the UK and the English. French frogs, German Krauts, Dutch courage, etc. The way the UK and Astrazeneca have been playing the EU in deceiving Europe out of vaccines they ordered. Now, I don’t condemn the UK for looking after their own people. “Greed and capitalism”, as Johnson said it. The EU was too stupid to trust the English, whether that concerns the vaccines, Brexit or any other matter for that reason.

  2. I agree that it is unfortunate that the naming system opens the way for people to point blame at different communities but your finger-pointing at migrants is no better. Have you any evidence that migrants in rubber boats brought the variant to the UK? Is that some nonsense from an extremist website? There are hundreds or thousands of variants, they arise naturally from errors in copies of the virus’s genetic code. It’s just random chance that one or another happens to be more virulent and becomes dominant for a while.

    I don’t know if there is any evidence that a migrant brought the variant to Kent, I’m sure there’s no evidence that it was carried all the way across Europe. How could there be, when it wasn’t detected before being found in Kent?

    The paranoid anti-EU diatribe does nobody any favours.