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Greece places new regions in “very high risk”, which ones exit or remain

Head of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias announced on Friday evening, the updates of the so-called epidemiological map of the country. He listed new regional units and municipalities that are placed at “very high risk level”, which ones exit to “high risk” and which remain in the same level.

He also announced the opening of retail even though with click away only in the regional unit of Kozani from Monday, April 19, due to improvement of the epidemiological load

Driving schools are to open again across the country from April 19, however, with strict protections measures and Covid-19 self-tests.

New in “very high risk” level – “deep red” from Saturday morning, April 17, 2021:

Islands: Thassos (40 active cases), Kythnos (7)

Municipalities; Rethymno (137 active cases), Phaistos (73), Maronia/Sapes (43), Didymoticho (85), Pydna/Kolindros (40), Kavala (224), Volos (338), Sintiki of Serres (81), Vorei Tzoumerka (12).

Regions that exit “Very high risk” from Monday, April 19, 2021:

Islands: Mykonos, Leros, Skyros, Kythira & Hydra, Agkistri

Municipalities: Karystos & Kymi/Aliveri (Evia), Lokres,

Regional units and municipalities that remain in “very high risk”

Regional units: Attica (except municipalities Agkistri, Kythira, Hydra), Achaia, Viotia, Evrytania, Arcadia, Corinth, Halkidiki, Kilkis, Pella, Kozani, Lesvos, Zakynthos, Kos, Thassos

Municipalities: Kalymnos, Rhodes, Chios, Rethymno, Anogeia, Chania, Phaistos, Kavala, Karditsa, Grevena, Kythnos, Ioannina, Konitsa, North Tzoumerka, Serres, Amphipolis, Sintiki, Veria, Kastoria, Lamia, Ilida, Halkida Eretria, Dirfi.Mesapion (Evia), Didymoticho, Pydna/Kolindros, Volos, Maronia/Sapes, Galatini.

More information on coronavirus in Greece here.

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  1. This is all so very vague — as are ALL the things coming from the government. All I want to know is — can I please travel more than 2kms from my home to buy food ????? The food in Lidl is half the price I pay in my village — I’m going bankrupt here !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JUST DO IT

    • The limit is “within your municipality OR within 2 km of your house”. The “2km” part would apply if you live near the boundary of a municipality and the shop you wanted to use is outside your municipality. The municipalities are typically quite large. For example I go to a Lidl that is about 9 km from my house but both the Lidl and my house are within the same municipality so that is allowed. There is another Lidl that is also about 9 km from my house but is outside my municipality so I cannot go to that one.

    • During weekdays you can travel anywhere in your municipality…at weekends you can travel anywhere in your prefecture…the 2 kms. rule is only when you have to shop in an adjoining prefecture …..I think..as I understand it… maybe !!!….I could be wrong….heads or tails…

      • The “travel anywhere in your prefecture at weekends” rule is only for exercise not for shopping. The “you can shop outside your municipality rule” is only for retail shopping, using “click in store” or “click and collect”, not for essential shopping for food etc. The reasons for going outside your prefecture are very limited such as work or medical treatment.

  2. So as from Saturday morning, April 17, 2021, Rethymno simultaneously goes into the “very high risk category” and remains in the “very high risk category”? Good to see Hardalias maintaining is usual high standard for providing clear and accurate information.

    • Living in the center of Rethymno I see the majority of people wearing masks. Shops sticking to the amount of people allowed in and SMS. All Prefectures cover a large areas so wherever the most cases are needs addressing and dealing with otherwise it”s going to be another very lean summer for all retailers and us poor souls who would love a draught beer.

    • This guy is starting to get clown like.
      Red, yellow green was just fine. But no red and dark red was better. Now we are at very concerned to very extreme concern. To a virus that is 98-99% survival rate.
      We are now over a year mark to flatten the curve and they still don’t have a clue. Get a vac but wear a mask, no, sorry, two masks, stay 2m apart, don’t sneeze and visit friends or a family; even if they have the “jab.” Cuz we don’t know but it sounds good. Oh if you get the vac. now you need another and maybe a third.
      Just hang in there, we are almost there, till we find some other way to screw with y’all.

  3. Hi ,, well yes,,, aspeciialty at he weekends,,the work your Oyster,,,