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Arrests for fake “negative Covid-15 tests” for patient attendants in hospitals

A foreign national was arrested by Greek police for supplying patient attendants in hospitals with fake certificates of negative Covid-19 molecular tests and rapid tests.

The 31-year-old woman was selling the certificates for 10 euros, when a PCR test costs 60 and a rapid test 30 when carried out in hospitals or diagnostic centers.

The issue with the fake certificates was discovered when a so-called “patient attendant” of foreign nationality attempted to enter the General Hospital in Nikaia by Piraeus on Sunday. At the entrance check she showed control guards a fake certificate issued in the name of …another woman who was accompanying her. both women were to work as “attendants” at the hospital.

The security guards alerted the police who arrested both women.

During preliminary investigation, it was revealed that the fake certificate was obtained from the 31-year-old.

Police set a trap and the woman fell in.

All three women are to be taken to the public prosecutor of Piraeus.

Patient attendants are being normally paid  50 euros for a 12 hours shift and give 10 euro commission to the agency they cooperate with.

PS the price for the PCR or Rapid test is much too high for these women, however, the patients’ safety in hospitals should also be a top priority.

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