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Forest fire smoke covers Athens, reaches islands in the Aegean Sea

Smoke from the forest fire in north-eastern Corinth covered Greek capital Athens and reached also distanced islands in the Aegean Sea. The smell of burning wood filled the air in the Greek capital that was also covered with a yellowish-grey cloud that affected visibility and covered also the Acropolis.

Ashes fell from the sky to balconies and vehicles.

Strong winds transferred the smoke not only to Athens located some 100 km away but also to the Cyclades and some of the Dodecanese islands.

Alepochori – Ikaria – Palaio Falito (Athens) – Syros via

The wildfire started on Wednesday night in Schinos area in north-eastern Corinth, near Loutraki and quickly wend out of control due to the strong winds that are expected to reach intensity of 6-7 Beaufort early Thursday evening.

Over 180 firefighters and several water-dropping aircraft are operating in the area, however, fire front extends to over 10 km.

Six villages and two monasteries were evacuated as preventive measure ion the mo9rning, three more early afternoon. The Civil protection ordered the evacuation sending SMS messages through the <112> emergency number.

The head of Civil protection has scheduled an emergency live briefing at 6 p.m. Thursday.

Authorities suspect arson.

On social media, Greek users “foresee” a new forest consisting of wind turbines.

What is interesting is that a large part of the pine forest on Gerania Mountains was burned down kineta wildfire (brown in the picture below) in July 2018.

Now it’s the turn of the other half to be deforested (orange in the picture).

“Goodbye Gerania, growth welcome!”

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  1. gee, this wouldn’t have anything at all to do with plans to build even more wind turbines up there, would it?
    the corruption is sickening.