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Greece getting ready to abolish mandatory face masks outdoors

Greeks are getting ready to take off face masks outdoors, as the country’s epidemiological committee is going to meet on this issue in two days.

Government spokesperson Aristotelia Peloni said on Tuesday that the committee will discuss the option of taking off face masks outdoors, while taking into account all epidemiological data.

“We all hope that we are close to take off the masks given the epidemiological situation in the country,” she added.

Citing government sources, media report that the abolishing of the obligatory face masks outdoors will affect all citizens, whether inoculated or not.

The same sources said that where there is big crowding outdoors like in sports facilities, theaters, concerts, the mask will remain obligatory.

Scientists reportedly estimate that based on the epidemiological and inoculation situation, masks could be taken off by those inoculated also in closed spaces, however, such a move would be difficult to implement as it would mean technical equipment to verify the authenticity of vaccination certificates.

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  1. Are they mad? With less than 30% vaccinated to dispense with masks seems a bit early, as one of the many STlLL waiting for a temp AMKA it fills me with dread and disbelief, surely somebody is giving the powers that be the wrong figures!

    • Hi Stella, Masks have no effect outside. So it really dosnt make any sense that everyone needs to wear a mask. If you are concerned you could put on a spacesuit for your own safety. Thanks.

  2. And how exactly will we notice any difference? No one is wearing their face masks outside any more and they haven’t been doing so for weeks. Friends actually pointed and laughed at us the other day when we were wearing ours. Other friends put pictures of themselves hugging their gym instructor without masks on social media on the day the gyms re-opened.

  3. They were taken off here weeks ago. Roughly around the time the tourists arrived and the police gave up handing fines out.

  4. Yeah as said above only 30% actually bother, I never wear masks outside and no one bothers me. It seems after 17 May when they stopped the SMS the Police writing tickets have essentially stopped, the only time the police are strict now are with bars and clubs regarding 01:30 curfew, which really is pointless now.

  5. What happened to the ethic of following the rules … following the law … ???

    My wife and I will continue to wear our masks until it is deemed legally appropriate not to wear them.

  6. The wearing of masks does help to reduce the spread of Covid even outside, not only are there hundreds of vulnerable unvaccinated people still waiting to be issued with TEMPOARY AMKA numbers , there are also many many Greeks who are refusing to be vaccinated, all these people need consideration and any relaxation of the wearing of masks is putting them at risk, I urge everyone to think of others around you, this pandemic is far from over!