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Caroline’s murderer in prison pending trial, he wants to “work to pass the time”

The 33-year-old husband of slain Caroline Crouch was led to Korydallos prison in Athens pending trial. Following his deposition that lasted five hours in Court on Tuesday, a prosecutor and a court official agreed that he will stay in prison until the trial.

On his way to jail, he shouted at reporters waiting at the courthouse, “a big apology.”

He was taken to the women’s ward of Korydalos prison, apparently to be protected from “violent inmates.”

According to media already on the first evening there, he asked guards to “assign him for some work to pass the time.”

His lawyers keep on feeding the media with their client narrative that he is a loving father whose whole purpose is the well-being of his 11-month-daughter, that he wants his punishment to be over soon “so he can devote himself to his child.”

He himself appears cool, does not seem to comprehend the severeness of his crimes, his apology seems “phony” and “apathetic” and considers his imprisonment as a procedure he has to go through before he “happily” returns to the society.

Babis Anagnostopoulos, a helicopter pilot by profession, has been charged with two felonies, murder and animal abuse, and two misdemeanors — giving false testimony to the police and casting suspicion on others for his actions.

Prior to admitting to police on June 17 he had killed his wife, he had set up the incident on May 11 to look like a robbery.

Caroline Crouch, 20, was found dead by suffocation on a bed, he had place the child next to her in order to stage the burglary scenery.

The man also confessed to the killing and the hanging of the family dog in order to show “theburglars’ brutality.”

No evidence of the presence of other people was found in the apartment however, and data from Crouch’s biometrics watch and his own mobile phone exposed his as the murderer.

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  1. I’m sickened that anyone could have sympathy for a guy who kills his wife so she does not leave him! No one is obliged to stay in a marriage if they do not want to be in it. And the excuse of seeing his kid is also pointless. If he got divorced, he would still see the kid. He preferred to have his visitation rights with his child visiting him in prison instead of divorce visitation rights?

    Also the death was very strategic and done in cold blood. A true “heat of the moment” death would normally results in shame . Often the perpetrator kills himself afterwards or confesses immediately. They do not kill the dog and calmly plan how to get away with it!

    • Totally agree. Completely planned. That poor child. Makes me shiver just to think of him anywhere near the daughter. Shame on anyone trying to whitewash this heinous crime.

  2. Innocent until proven Guilty, but on the face of it he seems to be a cruel, calculating and ruthless Murderer. He deserves no pity nor any mercy.

  3. Imagine protecting him from male inmates in prison while exposing female inmates to the danger that this violent man has proved he is capable of. Who is responsible for such a discriminatory arrangement????
    Is it possible that this is true?????

  4. He can spend the rest of his life in a cell making clothespins.