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Greece scraps face masks outdoors, ends night curfew

Greece’s health and civil protection authorities announced on Wednesday afternoon the scraping of obligatory face masks outdoors independently of whether people are inoculated or not, as well as the end of the night curfew currently from 1:30 until 5:00 a.m. They also announced the lifting of some other restrictions and/or obligations, especially for workers and gym goers.

Head of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias said that citizens will be allowed to not wear a mask outdoors where there is no crowding.

The measure goes into effect at 5 a.m. Thursday, June 24, 2021.

The masks remain obligatory in closed spaces including stores and public transport (buses, metro, ships, airplanes etc).

The night curfew will be scrapped from Monday, June 28, 2021. It was originally scheduled to be banned on July 1.

Other measures also valid from June 28:

No self-test for inoculated workers and people at gyms. 15 days after the full inoculation (2 doses or one for Johnson&Johnson).

Up to 10 people at tables in restaurants, cafes, bars

Up to 120 people per 1000 sq meters in organized beaches.

Receptions: maximum limit remains at 300 people

Hardalias said also that high risk (Group B and A) civil servants, inoculated or not, may return to work. Group B with physical presence, Group A in positions not in contact with the public.

The public can visit public services with previous appointment but not exclusively with that. Mask is obligatory inside the public services and at queues of people waiting outside.

Authorities stressed that the epidemiological picture in Greece has significantly improved, however, the pandemic has not disappeared.

The main message is: We are outdoors without masks but with indoors and when necessary.

Hardalias warned the residents of the islands Paros, Kos, Rhodes and Ikaria of an increase of coronavirus infections.

More information on coronavirus in Greece, including geographical distribution (daily reports) here.

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  1. Hmm, interesting – as the R rate & new cases just released are actually going up again? I think there’s a lot of reasons to keep masks mandatory for a while longer but hey, tourists don’t follow the rules & people are hot so there you go.

  2. Well, corona virus does not fall from the sky and does not just fly freely in the air, it is transmitted from one infected person to another by droplets, by coughing or sneezing, or even speaking or singing. There is no sense to made people to wear masks outdoors. They should wear it only in crowds and indoors. Many people are vaccinated and respect all measures, so it is good decision to allow people to go outside without mask. I personally am vaccinated in April but I still behave like before the vaccination: I wear mask always indoors ( even in the hole of my own building), I do not visit shopping malls or any restaurants or coffee shops that does not have a garden or some kind of outside place for sitting, in supermarkets I always wear mask. I would like to visit Greece this summer and I will respect all the measures, I will look for my self and others so I am hopping that would be enough for all us ti be safe. I think that main problem are people who does not believe that corona exist or people who think that they are immune without vaccine and other protective measures. Each government should work on educating people and off course- if things get bad and numbers start to rising, measures should be strict. I think that Greece had best measures in the region, all that was very difficult for people but I think it saved may lives.

  3. I just love some of the comments .

    Let us always blame the tourist !
    But the tourist has to prove vaccinations or negative test .But what about the people who selfishly refuse vaccinations

    • What exactly is so “selfish” about it? If you’re vaccinated you’re supposedly safe, so why not let other people make their own decisions? Since every new variant is said to be “60% more infectious and 100x more lethal” that stacks up really fast so very soon us horrible evil unvaccinated people are all gonna be dead and you can enjoy your 100% vaxxed safe bliss and happy times while they last, before they roll out climate lockdowns or whatever they will think of next

      • I like your attitude. Funny how the boom and gloom spreads ever so large with every passing day, but they keep loosening the rules as the lethalness increases.

      • Why was my reply not uploaded?