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With treats, punishment, authoritarianism and insanity Greece Gov’t tries to boost vaccinations

With threats, punishment, insane measures and authoritarianism the Greek government tries to “convince” the country’s citizens to get vaccinated. Ministers rule out new lockdown claiming “economic disaster for the country” and a series of punitive measures such as lay-offs and exclusion from state support aid. In addition, the government plans to impose stricter control measures for those not- vaccinated ones traveling to different regional units. All these as the country keeps allowing not-vaccinated international tourists to come in.

The government argument is that it offers a tool against the pandemic – the vaccines – and it has therefore done everything on the part of its own responsibility which now burdens solely the shoulders of every citizen.

No Money for new Lockdown

A minister of the Greek government and ruling New Democracy vice ruled out any new lockdown in winter citing shortage of financial means to support shut down businesses and workers on suspended contracts as it did in the two previous lockdowns.

“There is no more money, if the pandemic comes in winter, we are economically done,” Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis said on Wednesday speaking to Open TV. Georgiadis’  rather rhetorical warning was targeting in fact the food service sector, the owners of restaurants, cafes, bars, night clubs and music theaters who resist the new two-tier system for vaccinated and non-vaccinated customers.

“Do you want us to shut you down again in winter and now that there is no money to go bankrupt or what?” Georgiadis said.

Loyal to the government line that places all responsibility to citizens, the populist minister said “instead of shouting at us, they better tell artists to make statements to get people vaccinated, in order to not have the pandemic in winter.”

He added “is it my fault if people do not get vaccinated? I cannot convince anyone, I’m not a guardian or anything else.”

Georgiadis argument contradicts the Prime Minister’s statements of flourishing financial situation and bright future.

Punishment for the not-vaccinated

Also Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister Akis Skertsos used the no-money argument for a new lockdown for not vaccinated people.

In a post, Skertsos announced in advance that no financial support will be given to those who have not been vaccinated, while specific personal restrictive measures will be imposed.

He spoke of  “punishment of the not-vaccinated citizens” either through redundancies that would be considered justified or through the exclusion of financial assistance from the government in case of mandatory suspension of work of an employee due to non-vaccination.

At the same time, he stated that horizontal restrictive measures will not be taken again and that “the economy and society will not be shut down again to protect the not-vaccinated who have universal, free and easy access to the vaccines.”

Greece has two summer months ahead of September to raise its vaccination rate, reach an immunity majority of 70%-80% and be prepared by September for  Covid-19 variants, he told Star TV. He added that the government should provide more rights to those who are already vaccinated.

Travel with negative PCR test only

Thursday noon, the government is preparing a new punishment for the non-vaccinated citizens. It leaked to the press that its mouthpiece, the Epidemiologists’ committee recommends a negative PCR test for the not-vaccinated citizens who want to travel to different regional units with public transport means such as inter-regional buses, airplanes, trains, ships etc.

According to the available information leaked to the media, self- or rapid tests would not do.

This is, of course, insane, as Greece allows international not vaccinated tourists to come to the country also with negative Rapid Test and it also allows domestic travel to the islands with negative Rapid test or self-test of 24 hours prior to travel.

According to Skai TV, the measure will be implemented only to those traveling for leisure and not for work and will not be implemented for travel by private vehicle.

PS note that the cost for a PCR is 60 euros and the extra cost for a family with children.

NOTE: KTG is fully vaccinated with 2 doses vaccine against Covid-19 and has achieved immunity since mid-May.

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  1. Maybe it would help if the government speeded up the process for those who want jabs but can’t get them. I’ve been waiting for a temporary AMKA number for many months. And waiting, and waiting …

    • Here here!AND ACT NOW, because most of these people are in the vulnerable agent group and with the Delta variant now spreading their lives are at risk, no more hair brain schemes just get on with it! PLEASE

  2. Blackirishblonde

    Really? “The government argument is that it offers a tool against the pandemic – the vaccines – and it has therefore done everything on the part of its own responsibility “……Just OPEN this up to those who have not been able to be vaccinated and want to be WITHOUT all the red tape, it is not working. We would be willing to pay for it. Just make this easier for everyone, we want to comply.

  3. Savvas Andreas

    Well cases are rising across the country. Government, try educating and not threatening.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      the moment vaccination is not mandatory (and there are reasons for it) it’s threats and punishment.

  4. I don’t like the tone of the rhetoric but the logic is inescapable. You withdraw freedoms from people in order to protect society from the threat posed by virus. You restore freedoms to anybody who is no longer a threat. To avoid discrimination you allow three routes to demonstrate that you are no longer a threat:

    1 You have had both doses of the vaccine plus 14 to 21 days. That gives you a very high level of immunity.
    2 You catch the virus and recover. That gives you a reasonable level of immunity. Nothing is perfect.
    3 You get tested to show you are not currently carrying the virus.

    I would suggest that for anybody who has not yet had the chance to have the vaccine or is unable to take the vaccine for genuine medical reasons the testing should be offered free. Anybody who has been offered the vaccine but refused it should pay for their own tests. That seems a good balance of protecting society, preserving freedom of choice and not discriminating.

  5. Blackirishblonde

    Dear KTG….Would you know if is there is anyway to contact someone in the Greek Government or Health Ministry to call or email to let them know that there are many of us waiting to hear back about receiving a vaccination?

  6. Kind of appalled at the commenters that all you can say to this is that you want the vaccine but can’t get it…
    So you support all these “measures” as long as they don’t affect you? What a world.

  7. Blackirishblonde

    No Petrak…I don’t agree that citizens should be ostracized for not wanting a vaccine. Yet if you are elderly and are in a high risk group who want to be vaccinated it seems that unless you jump through hoops and even then it is almost impossible for some living here. NO ONE should be punished for not complying . It is each individual’s choice to decide what they feel is best for them. Sorry you feel I took away from this posting….no offense intended.

  8. Can someone tell Mr Georgiadis that I do not need him or this government to protect me, I have a functioning immune system to do that.

    • LOL. They are not protecting you: they are protecting their political and financial interests. However, when the current lot of oldies die off, I suspect that Nea Dimokratia will go the way of Pasok. The young generation will not remember the lockdowns and other malakies with any affection!