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No Jab? Greece sends health, nursing home workers on leave without pay, social security (POLL)

The Greek government cuts social security to unvaccinated professionals obliged to vaccination for as long as they are on leave without pay. This is provided on the draft bill for the mandatory vaccination of professionals working at nursing homes, care facilities for people with disabilities and in health structures like hospitals and others.

Workers at public hospital AHEPA in Thessaloniki staged a protest on Wednesday with banners saying” Yes to Vaccination, No to Mandatory one.”

According to the bill submitted to the Parliament on Wednesday morning, vaccination against Covid-19 is mandatory for

Employees in nursing homes and in care units for people with special needs, effective from August 16
In health structures (doctors and nurses), effective from September 1.

According to the amendment, those who have recovered from the coronavirus for a period of six months from the disease and those who have proven health reasons that prevent them from being vaccinated are exempted from the obligation to be vaccinated.

The employee is obliged to inform employers about his vaccination or not.

Those who do not want to get a jab against Covid-19 with be sent to compulsory leave without pay and without insurance coverage. There is no time limit.

The measures are lifted 14 days after a worker is full vaccinated.

At the same time, there will be three-month contracts for replacement of non-vaccinated personnel.

The bill clarifies that there will be no reference to disciplinary boards regarding to those working at public sector facilities and no dismissal for those at the private sector.

An administrative fine of 10,000 euros for each violation and up to 50,000 euros is imposed on the employer who employs unvaccinated staff in violation of the above draft bill. In case of recurrence 20,000 euros for each violation and up to 200,000 euros.

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  1. Greek government is reducing medical personal, instead of hiring more. Good luck finding qualified ICU nurse on 3 month temporary contract!

    We will remember that on next lockdown!!!

  2. Doctors worked for several months long shifts, risked their lives, without proper safety equipment. Would not see their families for weeks… And Greek government fires them without severance or social benefits. This is just insane!

  3. This is ridiculous. These people have worked under very difficult circumstances and are now laid off? Is this not against European regulations? The Minister should be fired immediately.

  4. John, Maria and Preveli, you are missing the big issue here! There is a pandemic going on!! If we dont get our jabs it will continue to go on, it will NOT disappear by itself.

    • If enough persons take the jab we are okay. It should not be mandatory. Ridiculous you get fired for rejecting the jab. The patients can take one if they are afraid.
      I took the jab, but not because I was forced to. But working in tourism, I feel better towards my clients.

    • exactly, a pandemic. and only the rich countries can vaccinate. the rest? mutations have fun travelling worldwide…

  5. Seriously what is the law about forcing a free moral agent to take an untested / experimental drug?
    I already know what the Greek high court says. They already forced this experimental vac on those EMT’s. But how is this possible, I can not see how this will stand up in court with some reasonable ppl. Unless money is changing hands.