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Woman shot dead with 8 bullets by husband; another femicide in Greece

Another femicide in Greece: a 43-year-old woman was shot dead by her husband in a tavern-cafeteria in Sotiritsa by Larissa, central Greece, at 10:30 on Tuesday morning. The cold-blooded murder took place in front of several eye-witnesses, staff and customers.

According to preliminary reports, the victim was shot dead with 8 bullets inside the tavern owned by her brother..

The 54-year-old husband has been arrested.

The victim, a mother of three in their 20’s, was helping out in the tavern in the last 4-5 months as her brother was seriously ill.  The couple was living in the Greek capital.

“The husband came from Athens and killed her,” the chairman of Sotirista community told protothema.

According to other media, the murderer believed that his wife was cheating on him.

It is the third murder or attempted murder on a woman in just 5 days in the country and this is more than just shocking.

Femicide is out of control in Greece.

Last Friday morning, a 31-year-old woman was stabbed to death by her husband while she was sleeping. The 40-year-old husband reportedly told police that he first stabbed her in the neck and when she woke up he closed her mouth so that she would not scream. He had taken a knife from the grill-store he owned in Dafni suburb of Athens and went home with the intention to kill her. He claimed “jealousy,” as a motive. Neighbors reported of a violent man who was repeatedly abusing his wife and their 8-year-old child. Once they had even called police that failed to fulfill its duties.

Outraged relatives of the victim in Dafni punched and hurled bottles of water and other items at the murderer when he was taken to prosecutor in Tuesday morning.

The following day, late on Saturday, a 47-year-old man attacked his 36-year-old wife with a knife and injured her in the neck, hands and legs. It was the neighbors who called police and the ambulance managing to save the woman’s life. The victim, a mother of minors, had reportedly asked her husband for a divorce. The husband has been arrested.

Femicide, domestic violence on the rise

The three latest femicide incidents follow the murder of 20-year-old Caroline in May and of 26-year-old Garyfallia by husband and partner respectively in July.

Meanwhile, there is a storm of complaints about domestic violence with police to have responded to 71 incidents on Saturday and Sunday alone. In only one case, the domestic violence was committed by a woman. In all other cases, the victims were women and children.

The MeToo movement in Greece since last winter has apparently given courage to victims to speak out.

According to a report of Alpha TV on Monday, an average of 18 people per day are beaten and abused in the country.

Domestic violence experienced a rise during the pandemic lockdown, with many victims to have been trapped with their abusers for very long and painful time.

Organizations and ordinary citizens on social media urge the government and state institutions to  take measures to prevent femicides and domestic violence as soon as possible.

During a debate at the Parliament in June, the main opposition party submitted data of 13 femicide cases in 2019, 8 in 2020 and 4 in 2021.

From mid June till August 3, two femicides and one attempted murder took place.

But the government remains indifferent and cynical and the deputy minister in charge said on Monday “We are not Brazil.” In an interview Deputy Labor Minister in charge of Equality Issues, Maria Syreggela claimed that the 6 murders of women in the last 7 months do not mean an increase of the femicide phenomenon.

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