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Video captures arsonists as they start wildfire with flares in SE Attica

Video footage captured arsonists as they fired flares in the middle of the night starting a fire close to the settlement of Daskalio by Keratea in south-eastern Attica.

One of the flares fell in the settlement and one into the sea nearby, an eye-witness told state broadcaster ERT TV. He immediately called the Fire Service, he added.

Video: Flares in the night sky

The fire started at 2 o’ clock on Friday morning.

The eye-witness said that he saw a car of a specific brand and color in the area. He added that the co-driver threw the flare and that the area was immediately on fire. HE said he believed that the arsonists had previously thrown some flammable liquid in the area. “I heard a puff-sound and the fire front went as long as 200 meters moving towards the houses,” he recalled.

Firefighters rushed to the area with low vegetation and trees, however, the flames had already reached house yards.

Residents woke up from the sound of fire trucks and an emergency message via <112> ordering them to evacuate the settlement.

With the help of volunteers and locals, the firefighters took the blaze under control before it could cause a bigger harm.

Investigators of the Fire Service reportedly confirmed the flares after they found remains on Friday morning.

Fire Service and Police are investigating.

It should be recalled that a big forest fire raged in the broader area of Keratea beginning of the week. Also then, eye-witnesses had said that they saw a specific care prior to the start of the blaze.

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  1. It’s the end of humanity when people who live in peace try to create warlike conditions. In my opinion, throwing a flare in a dry forest isn’t much different than throwing a Molotov cocktail or other exploding weapon.