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Civil Protection warns of Extreme High Risk of wildfires on Aug 22 (MAP)

Greece’s Civil Protection warns of Extreme Risk of wildfires (ALARM LEVEL 5) for the Regional Units of Attica as well as for Central and South Evia on Sunday, August 22, 2021.

At the same time, it warns that several parts of the country are at Very High Risk (Level 4, marked Orange) and appeals on citizens to avoid any action that could cause a wild- of a forest fire.

Worth noting that early Saturday afternoon, the Civil Protection sent a warning message via <112> to the mobile phones of citizens in the areas of Red Alert. The message also in English said also that “access to forests and forested areas was prohibited” and urged citizens “to avoid unnecessary travel.”

In its warning the Civil Protection said “we call on everyone to be especially careful and to avoid ANY action that could cause a fire, according to the instructions of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection.”

If anyone notices smoke or fire, should immediately inform the Fire Department at <199> or <112> (international emergency phone line).

“Tomorrow and in the following days we all must be very careful, present, on alert and mobilized,” the statement said.

It added that “the Fire Brigades, all the forces and the Civil Protection bodies of the country are on full alert.”

Hundreds of wildfires broke out across the country earlier this month forcing the Greek government to seek assistance from foreign countries.

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