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Council of state rejects appeal to “freeze” compulsory vaccination for hospital doctors & workers

Greece’s top court, the Council of State rejected a petition by the union of hospital doctors and workers throughout Greece, requesting a temporary order that would “freeze” compulsory vaccination. A total of 115 hospital workers and doctors had filed the petitions against the compulsory vaccination.

The Council of State issued four interim orders on this issue.

According to state broadcaster ERT, the CoS is expected to examine on October 8 whether to issue a ruling of a suspension on the same issue or not.

The CoS has yet to decide on the petition filed by POEDIN, the union of hospital workers.

The CoS had also rejected appeals for compulsory vaccination filed by members of Rescue Units EMAK of the Fire Service.

End of July, the government ordered the compulsory vaccination for public hospital doctors and workers. It threatened with suspension those who would not have received at least one vaccination shot by September 1. It also demanded that pahrmacists and private doctors be also vaccinated and threatened them with heavy fines.

Hospital doctors and workers unions have said that over 80% of them were vaccinated.

The government has said that it will replace those on suspension with staff on 3- or 6-month work contracts that will need to be trained first.

It is a big question how quickly the government can replace doctors and staff at already understaffed public facilities.

Especially on the countryside, the situation can quickly turn grim for the patients seeking specialists who do not get vaccination for whatever reasons, including health ones.

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  1. I would like to hear from the court the arguments for their decision…. Or are they just accomplices of this junta government?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      for sure “public interest and protection”

      • If that really is the reason for their decision, than soon they will have to start forbidding traffic participation, fastfood, alcohol, smoking and fanatic sporting, because those activities cost a lot to society (“public interest”) and cause the majority of annual injuries and deaths (“public protection”).

        • keeptalkinggreece

          oh dear – then the paranoia increase speed

          • The ruling assumes that Greece’s medical professionals and first responders (who have been on the coalface throughout) are simply too incompetent and uninformed to understand covid, or the composition of the falsely named “vaccines”, let alone basic epidemiology & virology – unlike law professionals and the PR machine of government which is in obedient lockstep with Brussels.Heaven forbid that we step out of line like Denmark, or Switzerland, or – God Forbid! – Hungary.
            No question – we are full Karagiozi these days. (A cherry on the cake would be a visit from
            Mr. Super Vaxx: charleton warmonger Tony Blair.)

            Btw, the British government finally admitted that over half their ICU “delta” patients are fully vaccinated, others have one jab, and a little over a quarter are unvaccinated. As usual most of these have co-morbidities.

            This is no surprise, as the top virologist Van den Bosshe, ex-head of GAVI, ex-Bill & Melinda Foundation,
            has explained that a first rule of immunology is to NEVER vaccinate during an epidemic as the viruses will immediately mutate. As they have.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            I’m against compulsory vaccination, however, at the same time, I don’t want to get infected by infected personnel when I’m in the hospital. solution?

  2. marianne chrysanthou

    what’s the use to comment??? only if you are “”With them”” it gets published…but if you are “”against them”” you’re a no go…..shows you who pulls the strings at keeptalkinggreece…. another one bites the dust…

  3. I thought I read some days ago that the mandatory vaccination of health care workers had been revoked due to the high number of cases and the need to have people at the hospitals? Wasn’t that published somewhere on this site? Or did I misread or misunderstand?

    As for the situation, I would have the unvaccinated health care workers get tested for antibodies. I wouldn’t be surprised if a large number of them had been exposed already. Then we can add those with antibodies into the herd immunity group. (Israel published a study two days ago that said that people who have recovered from Covid have BETTER protection against Delta than people fully vaccinated with Pfizer .)

  4. Hmmmm… the disenfranchisement of the unvaccinated, starting with the medical profession.