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44 cases of fake vaccination certificates handed to prosecutor; scandal with fake rapid tests?

Forty-four cases of fake certificates of vaccination against Covid-19 issued were handed to the public prosecutor of Karditsa, northern Greece, on Monday, a health official said. The scandal was discovered when some printed vaccination certificate did not have a doctor’s signature and an official seal.

Governor of the 5th Health District Fotis Seretis said the cases concern citizens who live in the regional unit of Karditsa or the broader area.

He added that a total of 31,296 vaccinations have been carried out by the Palamas health center in question that uses the Pfizer vaccine.

He said it was still unclear how many bogus certificates were issued.

According to local media the revealed the fake vaccinations scandal, the fake certificates were issued by an administrative employee who managed to gain access to the electronic platform and registered people as vaccinated. among those fake vaccinated were also relatives of the woman for whom media report that she is the wife o a police officer.

Authorities are also investigating the involvement of other employees in the Palamas health center.

The prosecutor is to investigate the employee’s motive as well as to what happened to the surplus vaccines.

Meanwhile, there are denouncements also for fake “positive rapid tests” so that anti-vaxxers can obtain a Codi-19 illness certificate and delay vaccination for six months. The first denouncement came last week from the region of Peloponnese.

According to state broadcaster ERT, health authorities intensify controls on both fake vaccination certificates and fake “‘positive rapid tests.”

The Greek government suspends from duty and without payment health workers who refuse to get vaccinated and demands rapid tests twice a week by unvaccinated workers at the public and private sector.

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