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Modified Covid-rules for domestic travel in Greece go into force Sept 13

Modified Covid-19 rules concerning travel to all mainland and island destinations in Greece by airplane, train and long-distance coach (KTEL) are coming into effect on Monday, September 13, 2021.

Anyone aged 12 or over will have to present either a negative PCR test taken up to 72 hours prior to arriving at one’s destination, or a negative rapid test taken within 48 hours ahead of arrival.

Rapid tests are performed exclusively in private diagnostic centers, private doctors and pharmacies at the expense of the traveler at 10 euros per test. Travelers are required to present the relevant document which is issued at gov.gr during check-in at each means of transport. The document’s authenticity is checked through the ‘Covid-Free’ app in combination with an identity check of the individual.

Anyone aged between 4 and 11 can travel by presenting a negative self-diagnostic test, which is available free of charge or can be purchased at the pharmacy , and which must be taken up to 24 hours prior to arriving at one’s destination.

People who have completed their vaccination and 14 days have passed since completion must present their vaccination certificate.

People who have been infected within the last 6 months must also present the relevant document, as they are considered the same as anyone who is inoculated with both doses of a vaccine. [amna]

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  1. I don’t understand. Vaccinated People can also spread the virus and bring it to Greece , whythey don’t have to be tested before arrival ?

  2. The article doesn’t make it clear. Are a vaccination certificate or a certificate that the person has been infected within the last 6 months an ALTERNATIVE to presenting a test result or do you still need to present a test result even if you are vaccinated/previously infected. At the beginning it states that “anyone” must present a test result.

    PS No method of control is 100 % safe. Vaccination/previous infection REDUCES the probability of catching COVID and reduces yet further the chance of passing it on. Having a test simply proves that you didn’t have a high enough virus load to trigger a positive result at the moment the sample was taken. You might have just been infected or get infected in the 72 hours between testing and travelling. ALL control measures reduce spread they do not stop it.

  3. My friend has a South African passport and Schengen visa. She will be in Madrid and plans a RyanAir flight to Athens. Since she is already in the Schengen Zone and has proof of vaccination will there be any issues entering Greece?