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Sex Education in Greece’s schools: Orthodox associations call to protest rally

Several Greek orthodox associations have called parents for a protest against sex education in schools, a curriculum  that has been introduced for the first time by the conservative Education Ministry following the #MeToo revelations in the country.

On the initiative of a movement called “mumdadandkids” and the anti-abortion Greek Orthodox Associations of Athens, organizers call for a protest rally outside the Greek Education and Religious Affairs Ministry on Monday afternoon, September 20.

The call for the protest has the slogan: “Sex education is a family affair.”

On the rally poster organizers call on “parents to take the issue in their hands” and “do not allow the moral and spiritual infection of their children.”

The MumDad*Kids movement that reportedly aims to highlight, defend and promote the values ​​and ideals of the Greek Orthodox Family calls on parents, teachers and every conscious Greek citizen to a protest and to not allow such a ‘family and private issue to the school system.

On the occasion of World Sexual Health Day, Greek Education Minister Niki Kerameos had said that “in the shadow of the shocking revelations brought by the #MeToo movement in our country, it is proven how serious and important for the health of children (mental and physical) their sexual education is” and announced that “this year the curriculum includes Skills Workshops that include sex education.”

The sexual workshops aim to educate school children and protect them from bullying due to diversity, sexual harassment and abuse.

PS But here we are in Greece of Middle Ages 2021.

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  1. Unfortunately there are too many Greek parents who do not educate their children on life matters generally and they bury their heads in the sand and pretend that their little darlings do not,would not engage in any sexual encounters of any kind,so why get onto the subject,that is until the poor 15 year old daughter reports to them that she believes she may be pregnant,thats when all hell is let loose.

  2. Let’s talk about the mental infection of children AND adults by the dogmas of Orthodox church: another very good reason to separate state and church, so the latter one will not be able anymore to meddle in school education and other areas of society. This medieval institute should be banned from public life tomorrow!

  3. The same thing happens here. Ontario introduced an LGBTQ2+ requirement into it’s “sex ed” curriculum (there is no such stand alone thing – it is part of phys. ed) and parents started taking their kids out of school. Parents always have the option to NOT have their kids sit in on the classes and so those parents that want to remove their kids, can. Oh, and btw, the original protests were started by the provincial GOVERNMENT after we had a change of political party in power. It seems they used CTRL+F to find every instance of the word homo without actually READING what was there.

    All I know is that parents RARELY, if ever!, have “the talk” with their kids because it’s awkward. And in some cases because the parents never had “the talk” themselves. It was just “you’ll find out when you’re married”. The amount of old stuff that I hear floating around is unbelievable. We also had fundamentalist Orthodox creating a ruckus about this. Just like they have against masking and vaccines.

    It’s not the country that is in the middle ages, it’s the mentality or people.