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Sirens sound alarm at 11 a.m. sharp: A drill, part of PARMENION 21 military exercise

The double sirens testing was successful at least in our neighborhood in Athens on Tuesday morning. 11 o’ clock sharp, a rather weak alarm sounded intermittently and at varyi8ng levels for 60 seconds. The second alarm was penetrating loud and consistent and lasted also for 60 seconds.

During the second test, I suddenly got confused: should I run out or in the house? what should we do in conditions of a real war or a natural disaster?

The same query was shared by several social media users, who questioned: What should we do?

What they miss is that the sirens testing was just a drill in the context of the military exercise “Parmenion 21” and that in real emergency conditions they would inform us what to do in advance – I hope.

Some others claimed that the sirens went on to welcome the 3+1 Belharra frigates deal signed by Greece and France in Paris this morning.

And some complained that they didn’t hear them.

Fact is: Our neighborhood sirens were silent during the last drill but they fixed them now.

PS Or else I would have been dead since the previous “war.”

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One comment

  1. Nothing in my village on Crete although I am told they did sound in the city of Chania. Perhaps only city dwellers need warning? I am not sure sirens are all that necessary. If Turkey invades I am pretty certain we will hear the bangs.

    I am not so sure we will be told what to do in advance of a conflict? Go to a shelter? Wear a gas mask? I hope Turkey issues plenty of warning as the typical Greek government tender process takes years so there won’t be any shelters or gas masks in the short term.

    The normal advice is to put your head between your knees and kiss your …. goodbye.