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US state Department welcomes Greece’s defence upgrade with France

The US welcomes Greece’s continuous efforts to upgrade its defence capabilities and the fact that that it is fulfilling its NATO commitments for the planned defence spending, the US State Department noted following the new defence agreement signed with France.

“The US and Greece enjoy a robust defence relationship rooted in our shared values,” a State Department spokesperson said.

“We strongly support Greece’s role in creating stability in the region and look forward to continuing to work closely with Greece to advance our shared goals for peace and prosperity in the region, including through our robust relationship with the Hellenic Navy,” the spokesperson said.

“While we have not seen the details of Greece and France’s multi-year defence agreement, we note that the longstanding US-Greece Mutual Defence Cooperation Agreement (MDCA) was updated in 2019 to the mutual benefit of our two nations and regional security,” the spokesperson added.

The official also said that significant progress on reaching an agreement on potential updates to the MDCA has been made, including extending the agreement indefinitely from its current annual duration that will help advance peace in the region and shared defence and security goals between close NATO allies.

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One comment

  1. Never mind NATO. It isn’t Russia who is trying to steal Greek territory.

    Hopefully we are witnessing a decline in this, all the rave and fashionable, autocrat-fest. One down with Trumptarded, another to go in 2023 with this unhinged spaz in Turkey, while Putin is further charging his adversary in jail to possibly wake the masses into another Russian revolution.

    Greece’s lips are chapped from kissing too many rings, and strained by trying to read others interests. At least France is reliable, and this marriage with past allies in an increasingly dangerous world is not bad thing. Especially after when everyone just looked the other way when they threw a pitbull into the ring against a rooster for a decade.