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Greek justice charges Iraqi man for membership to ISIS

A 34-year-old Iraqi man was who was arrested on Monday was charged for membership to the terror group ISIS on Tuesday.

The man has reportedly admitted that he was a fighter of the ISIS and that he withdrew after a battle where he lost one of his legs.

The man has been living in Greece with his wife and four children since 2018. He had traveled to Greece from Turkey via the Lesvos route. He had twice applied for asylum but both times he was rejected. A third application is pending.

Greek intelligence service has received a tip about the man by a foreign service.

A case file has been filed and was forwarded to an investigating magistrate.

According to Greek media, counter-terrorism units have confiscated a mobile phone and several sim cards he had in his possession and investigates whether he was in contacts with other ISIS members in Greece or elsewhere.

According to STAR TV, foreign intelligence services have an strong interest to the Iraqi man and a video of him speaking in favor of the ISIS was still on social media. The video showing him holding a Kalashnikov is, however, from the times he was an active fighter and before he lost his leg.

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