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Anti-vaxxer Police Officer suspended over videos on social media

An anti-vaxxer Greek police officer has been suspended on Thursday following an internal investigation regarding several videos he uploaded on YouTube in which he spread propaganda against Covid-19 vaccines and was instructing citizens how to avoid relevant police controls.

In his videos, the man who posted under the nickname Telemachos was often wearing his police uniform.

He started uploading his anti-vaxxer videos in last July.

In a video with the title “Blackmailed Rapid Tests” he said that he never does a Rapid Test as required by the Police and claimed that he pays a fine of 300 euros every day for failing to do so.

In another video he was giving instructions to the public on “how to fight against riot police.” The video reportedly contained footage from riot police training as well as from the Capital raid by Trump supporters last winter.

The officer serves at the police station in a suburb in western Attica.

His suspension was the result of one out of four in total internal investigations by the Internal Affairs Division of the Greek Police. The other three investigations continue.

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