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Maria Callas sculpture unveiled in a park with olive trees in Athens (POLL)

Α new sculpture of Maria Callas was unveiled in downtown Athens on Friday afternooon. The sculpture of La Diva stands opposite the Odeon of Herodes Atticus in a small park with olive trees close to the Acropolis of Athens.

The cooper work was created by sculptor Aphrodite Liti and was unveiled by the city’s mayor Kostas Bakoyiannis in a modest ceremony.

The ordering and placement of the statue was commissioned by the Greek Association “Maria Callas” and  is a continuation of events in honor of the immortal Greek opera singer ahead of the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of her birth in 2023.

It is the second sculpture of Maria Callas in Athens.

Highlight of the events is the opening of the Museum “Maria Callas” on Mitropoleos Street.

The Greek public do not seem excited about the very shiny statue and many remarked on social media that the favorite color of La Diva was black.

Others implied “bad taste” and noted that it has not been met with universal approval.

Many noticed that the shiny statue is in absolute no harmony with the surrounding area and does not resemble at all with Maria Callas her elegance, greatness and passion.

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  1. The shiny statue shows you how you could be…. the surroundung area shows you how you are… there is nothing wrong withe th statue…. maybe you should change “the surrounding area” a very “instructive” contrast though

    • The artist is clearly openly mocking youth culture in the capital ,bling ,crass consumerism and perfect for another inane selfie .

  2. The closed arms are strange, like a victim….which is of course very ‘woke’ and fashionable. Yes, Maria Callas knew grief in her life but she also knew great happiness and triumph, she was much bigger and greater than that! Who yet has surpassed her?! I always picture her with her arms outstretched in her classic Norma scenes….such a giving, open pose – from a woman who gave so much to the world – seems much more “Callas”.

    As for Daniel (above) objecting to the surroundings, maybe he should move to Dubai.