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Anti-vaxxer files against hairdresser for “attempted torture,” claims €10K compensation

An anti-vaxxer filed a lawsuit against a hairdresser in Thessaloniki claiming the owner “attempted to torture” him. In his lawsuit the elderly man demands 10,000 euro compensation stating that the hairdresser refused service.

According to media, the man demanded that he undergoes a haircut and receives services by an unvacicnated member of the staff and without a face mask, contrary to the rules in closed spaces. Furthermore, he did not have a previous appointment as the pandemic rules provide, but that was not the problem.

The owner of the hair salon told media that after she refused to comply with his unreasonable demands, he threatened to call the police.

The hairdresser reportedly said that the man entered the salon without mask shouting that this was “illegal, racist and against the Constitution” and was threatening the employees “with many years in jail. You will get 5 years, you another 5,” he terrorized the staff.

Θεσσαλονίκη: Αρνητής ζητάει 10.000 ευρώ από κομμωτήριο για… βασανισμό! |  Typosthes

When he called the police, both the man and the hairdresser ended at the police station where they remained for four hours.

Two months later, the lawsuit arrived with the claim that she “refused services and attempted to impose torture on him.”

Θεσσαλονίκη: Αρνητής ζήτησε να τον κουρέψει ανεμβολίαστη κομμώτρια - Έκανε  μήνυση και ζητά 10.000 ευρώ | Έθνος

Speaking to media, the man claimed , among others, that the hair salon was public space and other unfounded and preposterous claims directly from the conspiracy theorists’ and anti-vaxxer s’ treasure box.

It remains to be seen whether a judge, any judge, would accept his lawsuit and take the case to the court.

Anti-vaxxers have launched a wave of lawsuits against doctors, teachers and police officers when it comes to Covid-19 treatment, self-tests for school children and protection measures control and fines.

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  1. I would leave a comment, but word’s fail me!!!

  2. Counter lawsuit for not able to operate your business because you had to be at the policestation. €20K ( €200 missed income and €19800 emotional distress compensation)

  3. MOMUS (very bad lawyer)

    Bring it on fool 💶💰💰 € 10,000 without a receipt or €12’500 with a receipt .

  4. Indoor space only for vaccinated!! Open sided space… unvaccinated are welcome!!!
    Phoned KEP this morning to find out how to obtain “a vaccination exemption certificate”. I explained I have a heart condition and have already had two strokes caused by blood clots. KEP said … sorry nothing provided or available. So I must have the vaccine and die !!!
    Mr. Mitsotakis (Greek Prime Minister) please advise.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      you may try the health ministry directly?

    • Just wait for a few months. Vaccinated will loose their privileges and everyone will be equal again. Even Fauci said vaccinated people spread infection at the same rate as normal people for first 4 days.
      Gov will have to start testing everyone to stop the spread.

      • Both vaccinated and unvaccinated can be carriers. Except that your chances of getting sick and dying from Covid will be much lower when you are vaccinated. The chances of having to be hospitalized are also much lower plus the recovery will be faster.

    • With your conditions, you will surely die if you get Covid. Blood clots is something that the virus causes, among other things, and worse than the vaccine could possibly do. Post Covid, there are micro blood clots circulating in your body. It will take months for your body to clean these up.