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Fresh tensions and threats from Turkey as Nautical Geo operates in Cyprus EEZ

As the Greek-Cypriot research vessel the Nautical Geo continues its work for the east med pipeline within the Cyprus’ EE, Turkey threatens with intervention on the spot.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry spoke of an attempt to send research ships to the “Turkish continental shelf,” stressing that it would not allow its rights to be violated. It threatened to intervene if Cyrpus starts drilling in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

For one more time, Turkey accused Greece and Cyprus of taking “steps that increase tensions.”

On Friday, Greece rejected the Turkish threats as “unacceptable” and “provocative.”

“It is an oxymoron, to say the least, that a country which threatens to declare war on Greece if our country exercises its legal rights, which on an almost daily basis violates the sovereignty and sovereign rights [of Greece] and of the Cyprus Republic, and which utters unacceptable and provocative statements and threats, at the same time accuses us of destabilizing the Eastern Mediterranean,” diplomatic sources in Athens said.

“Our country will continue to act with the exclusive purpose of defending its national interests and of promoting security and stability in the wider region, guided by respect for international law and, in particular, the International Law of the Sea,” the source said, rejecting Turkey’s claims as “baseless.”

Friday morning, the Maltese-flagged Nautical Geo entered block 1 within Cyprus’ EEZ. The biggest part of the block lies south of Cyprus’ southern Limassol district.

Last month, Turkish warships harassed the vessel that is conducting research for the East Med pipeline that will connect Israel and Cyprus and Greece.

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  1. I wonder if Erdogan needs to be humiliated even greater than when Greece tore one of his prized ships a new orifice or maintained his cowardly flooding A Merkel felt was weak, even after having proved otherwise. Perhaps losing a plane or two might wake him up with France and the US watching this unhinged Islamic dictator’s move.