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“Stop counting Covid-cases, no lockdown even if 10K infections daily,” says Dev Minister

“No more infections counting, no lockdown even if they reach 10,000,” Greece’s Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis said on Tuesday, the day coronavirus cases are expected to reach a new record and the government is to announce new measures and restrictions across the country. In cynical statements he denied any government responsibility for the increasing cases blaming only the unvaccinated citizens for the new outbreaks. In his usual populist and racist style he also blamed Greeks in the north for not getting vaccinated because they’re …Balkans.

“The government is not responsible for the intensity of the pandemic, but the citizens who are not vaccinated,” the Minister said among others, in an interview with Parapolitika FM

The minister ruled out any possibility of a general lockdown even “if the cases reach 10,000 [per day].”

Georgiadis stressed that “in Western European countries the vaccination rates are high and the deaths and cases are low.”

He added “we will have covid because covid came and will stay forever and every winter infectionst will go up.

He noted that in proportion to its population in Greece “we have many cases and deaths in Northern Greece, where there is low vaccination coverage.”

He stated that “it is not the government that is responsible but the citizens who are not vaccinated.”

Regarding the pressure on the health system, he said that “it can only only subside if vaccinations increase. Proportional to our population, the greatest pressure is in Northern Greece because in Attica we have 70% vaccinated and in Thessaloniki 55%.

In his usual populist and often racist rhetoric, Georgiadis claimed that low rate of vaccination in northern Greece has to do with the fact that the area is geographically closer to the …Balkans, where the same low rates are being recorded.

“If you look at the Balkans, [vaccination rate] is at 30%. What is next to the Balkans, it is not vaccinated, period,” the Minister said adding that he doesn’t mean it in a racist context.

He stated  that “our lives should be adapted to living with the Covid-19 as we live with the flue and the pneumonia. Stop counting cases,” and added that “the pressure on the public health system will only drop if we are vaccinated.”

News website news24/ that posted his statements recalled that Georgiadis was making the same statements regarding “personal responsibility” in October 2020, emphasizing at that time that “the pandemic is under control.”

PS as one friend posted on Twitter, the dialy bulletin on the course of the pandemic could look like that:

  • cases: (so many)
  • dead: (so many)
  • intubated in ICUs: (so many)

Or even scrap any information on the pandemic all together….In Georgiadis “ideal undecomcratic world” why should citizens be informed anyway? It’s enough if they vote and pay ministers’ and MPs’ salaries with their taxes.

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  1. When will this idiot be sacked from the government, he is liability.

  2. Against stupidity even the Gods fight in vain!
    He only got one thing right: blame the anti-vaxxers and the lacy ones for this!
    And, please KTG, keep up the geo distribution report! It gives us who cant read greek such a good picture of whats going on! Thank you so much for your hard work!

  3. If policies and laws are being enacted which affect the public at large, then the public has the right to know the case loads.!

    All last year we were hearing, “these next two weeks are critical,” and now they want to look the other way. What an about face!

    The vaccine’s protection is waning, we need booster shots, and perhaps Pfizer needs to make a new version based on the new variants. Transparency is needed more than ever, not ignoring the numbers!

  4. Look, I agree a minister shouldn’t say those things, because its not political correct. But, he is right. There is indeed a pattern in the balkans. You can’t deny that. Is it because of lack of education?


    I am from the northern Greece [ Florina ] and live in a small village not one person here that is not vaccinated . I am sick and tired of some of you southerners calling us Balkans or Voulgari , how dare you?

  6. Very soon, hospitals are going to be filled with those who are sick with various miscellaneous maladys and fatalities, because of the foreign bodies everyone has pricked themselves with. The stigma. The prick. Eternal death for those who follow the beast…

  7. Well, at least this man is acting like a typical Balkan politician. All bad mouth and full of populist cr*p putting people up against each other.

    But…..the concept of Balkans is complicated and disputed. Some countries and people like to think they are not part of this geographical and geopolitical region and instead think they are more Central or Western European. That is just some sort of superiority complex.
    The borders are in people’s heads. Problem do exists and they need calm minds, not populist politicians like this guy.