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Austrian model for unvaccinated is “an idea I would consider,” says Greek Minister

Greece’s Interior Minister said on Monday that the possibility of a lockdown for unvaccinated citizens, according to the Austrian model is not being ruled out.

“A general lockdown is not being discussed,” Voridis told Skai TV, adding that restrictions implemented on unvaccinated citizens is “an idea I would consider.”

From Monday, November 15, the Austria government placed unvaccinated citizens, around 25% of the populationinto a fully-fledged lockdown. The new measures include a curfew for all persons who cannot prove that they have been vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19, except children under 12. The unvaccinated are only allowed to leave their home for groceries, work, or in exceptional circumstances. They are banned from entering bars, cultural, social or sports events, and non-essential shops and services, reported.

Voridis said further that according to data available, the vast majority of Covid-patients who die are unvaccinated in contrast to the vaccinated citizens who get sick and of whom 0.4% lose their lives.

Also on Monday Greek media speculated about more measures scenarios that would include also the French model with mandatory booster shot for those aged over 65 or the threat of being in lockdown – better say: “lockout” – from social activities..

Regarding these two issues, the Austrian and the French anti-Covid models, government spokesman Giannis Oikonomou neither confirmed nor dismissed them.

Top priority of the government philosphy on the pandemic “is the increase of vaccinations,” Oikonomou told reporters at the regular briefing Monday noon.

“We are only discussing point changes [of the measures already in force] and anything that can encourage the vaccination coverage and security of citizens towards the coronavirus threat. We do not discuss a restriction of freedoms for our vaccinated citizens, we do not in any way discuss any lockdown.” Oikonomou said.

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  1. So the show goes on. The Greek government has a bit of a dichotomy in that the unvaccinated need to be convinced that the vaccination works to get the vaccine. The vaccinated need to be convinced that the vaccination doesn’t work, so they get the booster. (or for the over 65s you could just make them mandatory, yes that solves the problem).

    I am sure the Greek equivalent of the UKs Behavioural Insights Team are hard at it and i am sure there will be a nice little Christmas bonus for them.

    If the Greeks do follow the “lead” of Austria (the one without the kangaroos) then i will be sure to speak to my broker and purchase some Hugo Boss shares (they were very popular in that part of Europe 80 years ago), trading up>1% today.

    Taxi for Spain, India, sub Sahara Africa, Malaysia, India, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma….etc anyone

    • “The vaccinated need to be convinced that the vaccination doesn’t work…”

      This is a misrepresentation. Many vaccines work but require boosters, it is quite normal. Some need boosters initially and then are effective for life, e.g. MMR is typically given at 12 months and 3 years and 4 months and then never again, some require boosters at quite long intervals, e.g. a Tdap booster is recommended every 10 years, and some need boosters annually, e.g. flu. Which category the COVID vaccine fits into is not yet known.

    • Texas is a nice place but Sub Sahara sounds nice, with this climate change bull the West will be declining soon with the restrictions that will be place on us. Where as in Africa, China and India quality of life will be increasing for they will have no change in their energy sectors.

    • or maybe follow, I think it’s Malaysia, where if you are unvaccinated you have to pay for all treatment received if you catch Covid.
      or maybe come up with a new idea, like if you do not have a medical exemption for having the vaccine you get to sign a form. Said form to state that, in the event of catching Covid, you refuse any treatment that would be given to a vaccinated person.
      The point is that the Covid vaccine does not prevent anyone from catching it, but if you do catch it your symptoms will be a lot less life threatening than if you haven’t been vaccinated. Thus the medical system isn’t overrun by the few who seem to think they have some in-built immunity to this virus.

      • it’s Singapore

        • Just curious where is my reply to Warwick? You seem to have an arbitrary way of moderating comments. You are better then ekathimerini which doesn’t allow comments, but how and why you allow some as opposed to other I’ve no idea.

          • when comments go on situations around the …world… KTG can;t help but send them to trash box. As comments are moderated, can you imagine the load of relevent & irrelevant comments we have to read on daily basis?

      • I am more than happy for my taxes to be spent on anyone who has had the misfortune to have had a bad reaction to the vaccination and hope they get the best treatment available without prejudice, discrimination or favour. I have mentioned the areas above as areas (2 more maybe Japan and Mexico…and there are others) which have different protocols for dealing with this situation from lockdowns, case loads, treatments and freedom with often very good results, in some cases significantly favourable.

  2. Schrodinger’s Vaccine, it both does and doesn’t work.