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Greece makes mandatory vaccination for all over 60 or €100 monthly fine (POLL)

Greece’s Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced on Tuesday that vaccination against Ccovid-19 becomes mandatory for all those aged over 60 years old. Those who remain unvaccinated will be fined with 100 euros on a monthly basis.

Speaking at a cabinet meeting the Greek PM said that there are currently 580,000 unvaccinated citizens aged over 60 adding that the majority of intubated Covid-patients are over 60 and so is also the majority of Covid-dead.

Mitsotakis said that by January 16, 2022, all unvaccinated citizens should have either an appointment for vaccination or have been administered the first dose.

He added that this age group will have priority in the vaccination appointments.

From that date on, an administrative fine of 100 euros per month of no-vaccination will be imposed. For this purpose the data base of the Public revenues will be used.

The money collected from the fines will be used for funding state hospitals, he said.

Mitsotakis said decision had been tough “but I felt a duty to stand by the most vulnerable even if it might temporarily displease them.”

In addition, the Greek PM announced that the state will give one self-test to all adults, vaccinated and unvaccinated, in the time 6-12 December 2021 and 3-7 January 2022. The self-test will be free of charge.

Aim of this testing is to detected asymptomatic citizens infected with Covid-19 and a closer monitoring of the pandemic ahead and during the Christmas season.

The Greek Prime Minister warned of the Covid-19 Omicron variant.

On social media, first reactions on the 100-euro fine are negative with Greek users stressing that this is a punitive measure against elderly, while there is no mandatory vaccination to professional groups in contact with lots of people such as police and armed forces as well as the clergy.

… and you? What do you think?

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PS this PM is indicible. He punishes the elderly -and often low-pensioners – to fund hospitals. Unspeakable. Really.

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  1. Mitsotakis said that by January 16, 2022, all unvaccinated citizens should have either an appointment for vaccination or have been administered the first dose.

    Are these Unvaccinated just those over 60, or from all ages that are not vaccinated? I ask because, I see this human moving from just those over 60 to fining all citizens.

    • Is there anything to prevent one making an appointment, attending the appointment, refusing the jab at the appointment and making another appointment on the way out?

      “all unvaccinated citizens should have either an appointment for vaccination or have been administered the first dose”

  2. Who do he think he is? God of Greece?
    Instead of this stupid idea, he must say “everybody need to test to find the asymptomatic citizens”.
    That is a much better idea.
    I can not believe that in a “democratic” European country somebody can say this.
    MANDATORY vaccination.
    Where is the freedom of the individual?

    • Yes Fuck this fool he’s probably involved with the Gates program? Good will see many dysfunctional people in the near future from this poison !

  3. ‘I feel a duty to stand by the most vulnerable’ ??? Really ??? What will paying €200 a month for an elderly couple protect those who are convinced not to get vaccinated from exactly ? I’d like Mitsotakis to explain that one to me.

  4. PS How long is this planned to continue ?

    • That is a good question. Considering that the paperwork for the vaccine (EUA) is only good for 9 months.
      And this CEO from the Moderna pharm corps has stated their EAU chemical compound isn’t good against the Omicron variant.

  5. Typical of the current fascistic attitude! Well, I am NOT going to take a vaccine – no matter what. The vaccine does not work. It neither protects the recipient nor does it prevent transmission of this virus – a virus which, to 99.7% of the population is not even remotely bad.

  6. The PM is not punishing anyone. It’s called GET VACCINATED!

  7. The government should not manage our lives, it shouldn’t have a say in the decisions you make,it shouldn’t have a say in how to live your life,it shouldn’t dictate to you how to heal yourself or receive treatment,it shouldn’t dictate to you what you can or cant put in your body, that is not the governments role.

    • It’s not. You can choose not to be vaccinated. But if you do you must contribute €100 a month to the health service to help fund the Covid ICU beds that 80% are taken up by unvaccinated.

  8. Bravo!First again! My silly german AfD neighbor is still laughing… sice yesterday he is happy then never was before

  9. I can’t imagine this being enforced, and there will be need to have exceptions. First of all, there are those who have had Covid and recovered; they have antibodies that are probably better than vaccine antibody levels—should they be fined if they don’t get the vaccine? Then we have the immune compromised, where the vaccine doesn’t make much difference in many cases, as well as those who are either physically or psychologically unable to travel/move independently to a vaccine center. And this is just the top of the list!
    But the reason for this is obvious. The government cannot afford another lockdown. So, in order to mitigate blame on them for the high number of deaths, they make stricter rules about the vaccine. This creates the impression that they are doing something to take control of the situation while still avoiding the lockdown.
    This tactic will work in the short run, but not in the long term. It’s already noted by Moderna that the vaccines can’t fight the new variant well, and a new one will have to be created.

    • From the Washington Post: 20 minutes ago.
      Coronavirus vaccine maker Moderna set off alarm bells in financial markets Tuesday by warning that current vaccines may be less effective at combating the omicron variant compared with previous strains. “I think it’s going to be a material drop. I just don’t know how much because we need to wait for the data. But all the scientists I’ve talked to … [say] ‘this is not going to be good,’” Stéphane Bancel, Moderna’s chief executive, told the Financial Times in an interview Tuesday.

  10. And in the past 40 days intubations of the fully vaccinated have more than trebled from 40 (October 20th) to 131 (29th November).

  11. So if you a late getting a booster, for whatever reason, we are told that you will be treated as unvaccinated. Does that mean you will now also be fined? I vehemently object to that, if you need money for healthcare be honest and raise it. Don’t fine people who have done what they have been asked by the Government. And whilst you are about it, why not fine people for having colds, after all if they had worn a mask they wouldn’t get infected!

  12. That’s coercive and illegal under article five of the Human Rights Act

    Human rights include the right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of opinion and expression, the right to work and education, and many more. Everyone is entitled to these rights, without discrimination.

    To fine you is to discriminate.

  13. This should be for all of not !!…..what is the risk of being 59 or 61 ??…….fined if you are 60+…ageism !!

  14. This is not about a virus, this is not about our health, this is even not about the vaccines. Reason that this is implemented everywhere in the world is for people to have a QR-code. This way, the totalitarian government can monitor people at every moment and decide what they can and can’t do (and when they can do it). In the past, we have known freedom as follows: we could do everything we want, whenever we want, as long as it isn’t prohibited by law of course. If we keep on accepting this nonsense, in the future, freedom will mean that we cannot do anything, except what (and when) the government allows us to do. Please note that this is a completely different approach. If the corona QR certificates are integrated in your bank apps (certain banks are already working on it, according to the Dutch press last week), the government will have the possibility to temporary block your money whenever you didn’t behave the way they want (e.g. you bought too much meat, which is bad for the climate change). In China, this already exists and they call this the social credit system (google it!). I asked it before in another comment on this website: is this really the world you want to create for your children and grandchildren? I don’t think so.
    Of course, you don’t have to believe me. But please take a step back and look at everything that happened in the past 2 years. Even the biggest ‘believers’ must at least agree that strange decisions were made everywhere in the world…

    • Use your brain please

      You think the government needs a QR-code if they want to monitor you? Come on. Delusional.

      • I guess if I told you in 2017 that in a few years we will need a QR code with our health details on it to go into H & M or Ikea, you would have said I was delusional.
        Wake up and smell the fish, the QR code will allow any participating government to monitor you. Let’s just all hope they want is our health records, that is for now, anyway.

  15. For the numpty who said that the vaccines don’t work because you can still catch Covid and pass it on, yet again after a whole year, you are missing the point! The vaccines help protect against severe cases needing hospital treatment and death. Look at the hospitals in Northern Greece where the vaccination rates are the lowest.

    Do some maths…

    Yesterdays figures show that 80% of people intubated are unvaccinated.

    657 intubated
    526 (80%) are unvaccinated and 131 vaccinated
    So add 131 and 20% of 526 (105) and you get 286
    286 is a lot better than 657 – especially if you have an accident and need an ICU bed.

    The government isn’t telling you to do something. It is giving you a choice. The vaccinations are free and easy to get. They don’t hurt and you don’t grow an extra head. Over 7.2 BILLION have been given over the last 12 months. They are safe and they help most people avoid serious illness.

    • Totally agree. What is wrong with these people!!! Just get vaccinated and then maybe we can all get back to some form of normalcy.

      The reason we are seeing variants of the original virus is because the unvaccinated are incubators for the virus to mutate.

    • Baz: HEAR, HEAR!!
      The moste sane writing so far!

    • Can you please tell me the long term side affects from these vaccinations , no you can not because less than 12 months is not long term so are they really safe Also making some one have vaccine against their will or better judgment , is a violation of their human rights

  16. I am extremely pro-vaccination and have received every vaccine offered to me over the last 75 years including 3 COVID jabs BUT I don’t think they should be made mandatory as a general rule so I voted “Fully disagree”. I am happy for the unvaccinated to be excluded from situations where there is increased risk providing they have an alternative route, e.g. repetitive testing. I accept that there is a case for total exclusion of the unvaccinated where there is very high risk, e.g. healthcare. This is done already for some diseases.

    For those who keep claiming that vaccines don’t work, they reduce your probability of becoming seriously ill and dying by a factor 10. No other treatment does that. At my age reducing my chance of dying from 11 % to 1 %, for free, sounds like a pretty good deal. They reduce your probability of passing on the virus by around 75 % and no other control measure short of total isolation does better. Their effectiveness does not stop, it slowly declines and can be restored with a booster.

  17. What will happen if we refuse to pay ? Prison ? How far are they willing to go with this ? And how much will people accept ? This could not happen in most democratic countries.

  18. Turkey with Ergodan is now more liberal than Greece.

  19. Take a look at places like Gibraltar and Israel , fully vaxxed populations and still really high rates of c’virus , so what does that tell you? You can’t blame the unvaxxed in those situations. If you want to take it then fine go for it, but governments should not bully and coerce people into taking a treatment that’s not fully approved with no long term safety data are criminal.