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Man strangles his wife, 36, in Laconia; 15. femicide victim in Greece in 2021

Α man strangled his 36-year-old wife to death in a village of Laconia, Peloponnese, late on Sunday night. He claimed to police they had a heated argument. The woman is was found on the couple’s bed. She was the 15th victim on femicide in Greece in 2021.

The 40-year-old man reportedly called the local police station short after midnight and confessed to the crime saying “I think, I killed my wife.”

Police rushed to the couple’s home only to find the woman unconscious on their bed. She was rushed to the local health center, where doctors only confirmed her death.
At the time of the crime, the couple’s two boys, aged 8 and 10, were sleeping in the room next door.
From information available on media and neighbors’ statements so far, neither the boys nor any neighbor or even the landlord in the same building got aware of any noise indicating on a ‘heated argument’.

The man reportedly told police “I was pissed off when she insulted me, I grabbed her by the throat and strangled her” and claimed further that he ‘blurred’ when she insulted also his mother.

The murderer was arrested for premeditated murder while investigation continues.

The couple, both Albanian nationals, have been living in the village Vlahioti for the last three years, and both were filed workers.

The community president told media that the couple did not socialized with the local community adding “nobody can know how their relationship was.”

The boys were taken by the victim’s brother who apparently lives also in the area.

The murder in Laconia is the 15th femicide murder in Greece since the beginning of 2021.

On November 29, a 49-year-old man in Thessaloniki killed his 48-year-old wife, stabbing her 23 times in their home in Polichni.

According to available data, 175 women sought refugee in women’s shelters and 4,491 women called domestic violence emergency phone lines alone in 2021.


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  1. When it becomes near intolerable, one must have the discipline to leave.

    A momentary lapse of judgment by rage can catalyze events into violence that can create a permanent nightmare when it leads to loss of life. It then becomes murder with many unfortunate consequences.

    Leave unhealthy relationships at all cost.

    One might think that we would have evolved better since the beginning of time.