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Gov’t present plan for allocation of donations to combat Covid-19

Finance Minister Christos Staikouras and Health Minister Thanos Plevris presented on Wednesday the donations collected since last April in the special account for the repayment of extraordinary expenditures for the treatment of Covid-19 disease.

FinMin Staikouras said, among others, that “in this critical effort, no one is left out. In the climate of global uncertainty that was – inevitably – created by the unprecedented health crisis, the government’s initiative aimed to highlight the importance of national unity and solidarity, as a guide to address the challenges our country is facing.”

He thanked the more than 450 citizens and companies that responded to the call for offer and “proved that the Greeks are actively present in the battle, united and in solidarity.”

He stressed that “the resources they have allocated return to society, cover important needs, are utilized with social sensitivity, transparency, efficiency and respect.”

The four actions focusing on the health sector where the donations will be allocate are the following:

1st Action: 1,230,000 euros will be allocated for the supply of 17 ambulances.

2nd Action: 395,926 euros will be allocated to programmes implemented by “The Smile of the Child”.

3rd Action: 104,250 euros will be allocated to the “Doctors of the World”, for programmes lasting 6 months.

4th Action: 151,000 euros will be allocated to cover the accommodation, travel and overtime compensation of nursing staff of the Hellenic Red Cross.

On his part, Health Minister Thanos Plevris pointed out that during this period the national health system was strengthened with 12,000 employees on fixed-term contract, 2,000 permanent staff and 700 ICU beds to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. – via amna.gr

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