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Deadline for unvaccinated aged 60+ expires midnight Sunday, €50-fine in Jan

Thousands of unvaccinated over 60 years old will see a fine of 50 euros booked into their tax office account as the deadline for vaccination against Covid-19 expires at midnight on Sunday, January 16.  €

From Monday morning, the relevant registry authorities will cross check tax numbers (AFM) and social security numbers (AMKA) begin compiling the final lists of unvaccinated people aged over 60 or over, transfer the data to the of Independent public revenues authority that will fine them with 50 euros for January as it’s “half-month” and full 100 euros for each consecutive month thereof.

Citizens over 60 can still book an appointment and receive a vaccination and escape fines in the months to come.

The fines for January are expected to be confirmed towards the end of the month.

Exempted from the fines reportedly are:

  • Greeks living abroad
  • Those who have been vaccinated abroad
  • those who have been granted an exemption by medical committees for reasons relating to confirmed serious allergic reactions, thromvopenia, myokarditis/perikarditis
  • those who have booked a vaccination appointment for vaccination at home but haven;t received it yet.

According to government sources on Saturday, 90% of people in Greece aged 60 and over have been vaccinated against Covid-19 or have booked an appointment.

Vaccinations in this specific age group went up 10% since the mandatory vaccination was announced in November.

Some 217,000 of this age group is not vaccinated or has booked appointment, media reported on Saturday.

Some elderly told TV channels on Sunday that they booked their appointment early Jan and will be inoculated late February.y.

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  1. I’m really so angry over this forced vaccination! It’s my body and nobody can force me to put anything in it I don’t want. I take care of my body and my life, not to bother or harm anyone. Even not this financial punishment can force me to take the jab!

    • I feel just the same! How is that even legal to fine people for not taking an untrialed jab still on emergency licence and with so many adverse events, up to and including causing death for which the drug companies will not accept liability.

    • It’s horrendous that people over 60 are being extorted for money they don’t have.. So it is either pay the extortion or risk their lives having these jabs?

    • Dimitris Pasouliasis

      You are free to leave if you don’t like the rules. And you will change your opinion once you are intubated and desperately crying for air. Covid isn’t fun.

  2. After been vaccinated, can you get covid? YES
    After been vaccinated, can you transmit covid? YES
    After been vaccinated, can you end up in a hospital? YES
    After been vaccinated, can you still die? YES
    Is it still working after 7 months, Maybe
    Can the vaccine stop covid from spreading around? NO
    Why force people to take a vaccine that not is doing what it suppose to do?
    And why let them pay for a vaccine that is not working for everybody?
    And why make it a “tax offense” if you do not want to pay?
    What is this government think that they are doing to these old people that made Greece big?

  3. By unvaccinated do they mean they will fine 60+ who have not had a booster vaccine or those who have not had any vaccine at all?

    • fine for unvaccinated. vaccinated 60+ lose ‘vaxxed’ status if no booster shot after 7 months

  4. This is a crime. Plain and simple. Extremely serious crime. And if there’s any justice in this world, the people behind this are gonna pay dearly

    • The antivaxxers are doing the crime!!!! They should be punished not only with money, but loosing the job, the entitlement for pension etc. And last but not least: NO ACCESS TO HOSPITALS and .ICU’s at all

      • keeptalkinggreece

        hold your horses, cowboy. They have paid their contributions to pubic health care system. any deal proposal?

  5. I am convinced by scientific evidence and statistics that vaccines are effective and that harmful effects are rare. The benefits of vaccination still outweigh the small chance of harm. Belief has nothing to do with it. Something repeated from an anti-vax web site has nothing to do with it.

    Science and statistics don’t care if you believe or not.

    Both RNA vaccines have shown an efficacy around 95% after two doses; the Pfizer vaccine had an efficacy of 52% after just one dose.

    The math on this is very simple. There were eight cases in the 21,720 people who got the vaccine in the Pfizer trial. There were 162 in the 21,728 who got the placebo. If we calculate the incidence of disease in both groups, and divide one by the other, we get: (8/21720) / (162/21728) = 0.049401.

    The easier way to say this is 1-0.049401 = 95%, which means that the vaccine prevents 95% of the infections.

    This vaccine has gone through the same clinical trial process that every drug and vaccine on the market has gone through. It was a randomized, double blinded, placebo-controlled trial of about 40,000 people. That means 20,000 were vaccinated and 20,000 got the placebo (a saline injection). The people get randomly assigned to either the vaccine or control groups, and neither they nor the researchers know what they received. With a group that large and a disease spreading as rapidly as COVID, the trial can be completed rather quickly. That does not affect the statistical results. No problem.

    Adverse events are rare, and there is no evidence of a causal relationship with the vaccines. People died (in both the placebo and control group) at the rate expected from the general population.

    Get vaccinated as soon as you are eligible. It’s safe. It’s effective. And it might save your life and the lives of the people you care about.

    • That would all be great, if only it were true, because if I could be bothered to find the data, it would show that the “vaccines” didn’t even come remotely close to preventing 95% of infections. The statistics also say there is about a 0.2% chance of dying of Covid. Not really something to hide behind the sofa from is it?

  6. The fine should be Euro 100 per two weeks for antivaxxers in general unril they get hungry.

    • so quick to wish harm on your fellow men! Who would ever stand up for you when the shoe is on the other foot?
      somewhere a little dictator hiding in his office is rubbing his hands with a smile, seeing how many willing servants he has out there to do the oppressing for him!

    • Neighborly Method

      Remeber when vat was first introduced and its rate?

      If you support these kind of taxes now, know you may be supporting all kinds of behavioural “compliance” taxes you think not of now but will be put in motion through these measures.

      Eventually, you too Jens, will become subject to them.

  7. Yaaaayyy!! Ker-ching!!! More money-making for the covid-industry!!

  8. By passing details of anyones medical status to the tax authorities, the greek govt will also have broken European data protection laws.

  9. How long to they intend to carry on with this idiocy ? They pay the young to get vaccinated and then fine the over 60’s if they don’t ! Other countries are starting to talk about opening up and learning to live with Covid. Meanwhile here in Greece they continue to perpetuate another ‘big lie’.

  10. Well said Dimitris !

  11. Blackmail and coercion is a criminal offence, in the UK a huge case is being made against the government by Dr Sam White and others on the same crime number to the metropolitan police, with 100’s of people supplying evidence of vaccine coercion and adverse physical damage and death, this is fact.
    Maybe this is something that people from other countries should be doing too ?

  12. I’m vaccinated and got a booster jab but this is going too far. This is like racketeering – nothing more nothing less
    If you want press people to get vaccinated – fine. Let them show PCR Tests for entering Restaurants, Bars etc. If they want to pay that money to stay unvaccinated – fine with me. But Have them pay a fine I would expect from totalitarian states – not from the oldest democratic nation on earth. Shame on you MP !!!!!

  13. The efficacy rates quoted above are the “relative reduction rate” (RRR) calculated from only 170 of the more than 40,000 participants.
    The “actual reduction rate” (ARR) taking into account the whole of the trial group is much lower.
    RRR and ARR are easily searchable in connection with Covid19 vaccines.
    Long term effects of the vaccines were not considered due to the trials being “completed rather quickly”, although many possible complications were known.

  14. Excessive speed while driving on the highway can incur a ‘fine’ in most civilized parts of the world. This is because this behavior endangers others in society. Not being vaccinated endangers others in society … of course, there should be a ‘fine’ … a financial penalty for not being vaccinated.

    • rules & fines should be for all, not according to age criteria. Gov’t worries is about “collapse of health system” not about “60+ endangering others.”

    • Dear Global Method,
      With what harsh words you do write. Are you for real or do you like to stir things up? Or maybe you are a mouthpiece for The Great Reset. Beware of what you wish for.

    • Neighborly Method

      Global method…

      Name says it all.

      In your analogy, fines are given to those maintaining the speed limit but refuse to drive autos that have their spedometers artifically limited by the governement, regardless the fact they commit no driving offense.

  15. Jens, are you German by any chance? Time to go home then, your attitude fits better there

    and then what about people who get lungcancer from smoking, obese people who are hospitalised because they eat too much, any fines for them too?