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Greece opens booking platform for 4th dose of vaccine against Covid-19

The platform for booking an appointment for a 4th dose of vaccine against Covid-19 open for highly vulnerable immune-suppressed citizens in Greece on Thursday.

This second booster shot can be given three months after the booster shot (3rd dose).

IT is currently a bit confusing about the age of those eligible to get administered the 4th dose, as some Greek media refer to “over 18” and some other to “over 12”.

The boosters will be an m-RNA vaccine, either Pfizer or Moderna, and aims to protect individuals in this group and create higher levels of antibodies.

Among people in this category, estimated a total of 500,000, are reportedly transplant patients, those on a waiting list for a transplant, people suffering from kidney failure, cancer patients under treatment, patients with cancer in solid organ, and those undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment, those suffering from autoimmune diseases or taking immunity modifying treatment.

Ask your doctor for further advise.

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  1. The platform for a 4th dose has been already open for about two months.After about a month i already received an SMS that i can get another booster

    • you confuse it with the platform for the 3rd dose (booster) probably.

      • nope fourth dose, i had JandJ 2nd shot (booster) and my mother the third dose (pfizer) and a month later i could already book a fourth. I received the sms and out of curiosity checked on the and it said i could get the fourth dose

  2. So we are expected to have a jab every 12 weeks????
    It obviously doesn’t work does it?