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Attiki Odos: Policeman carries little girl on his back into safety (video)

A man is carrying a little girl on his back on a snowed road in the middle of the night. The man is a policeman and the girl a patient who needs to be operated in a hospital early Tuesday morning. The picture was shot at half an hour after Monday midnight not on some remote mountainous area, but on Attiki Odos, some 10 km from the center of Greek capital Athens.


According to a police post on social media, the girl was sitting with her father in a car, one of the hundreds stranded since Monday morning. The girl had to be admitted to a hospital in central Athens on Tuesday morning to undergo a planned surgery.

They got stuck in the endless jam on the highway ring since Monday morning.


When policemen located father and daughter, one of them decided to carry the child on his back and walk to the suburban station of Doukissis Plakentias where rescue teams would help the evacuees further. The father followed on foot, too.

Access to the car by any vehicle was impossible, so they walked for several kilometers with a First Aid kit just in case.

Father and daughter were transported with safety to their home, the Greek Police said.

By early Tuesday afternoon, a total of 3,500 people stranded since Monday morning were evacuated in an operation that started short before Monday midnight. Dozens remained struck on Attiki Odos, though.

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  1. Brilliant officer, well done, hope he gets promotion

  2. The policeman did his work with heart and soul! Hope the girl got her surgery in time and is now recovering.
    Best wishes to both of them!