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Novavax vaccine to be available in Greece from beginning of March

The process of gradual delivery of a total of 474,000 doses of Novavax vaccine will begin on February 21, Secretary General of Primary Health Care, Marios Themistokleous, announced on Tuesday.

Vaccination centers will be ready to start with the administration of the Novavax vaccine at the beginning of March, Themistokelous added.

The first delivery concerns 168,000 doses of Novavax on February 21.

“The Novavax vaccine will be included in the country’s vaccination program. Vaccination centers will be opened in very specific parts of the country as of the beginning of March,” the secretary general pointed out.

At the live briefing on Tuesday he added that 83.8% of the beneficiaries of the booster shot have been vaccinated.

More than 7,330,000 citizens have completed their vaccination, representing 69.8% of the general population and 79.3% of the adult population.

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  1. Then why is the number of cases and deaths not decreasing ? Has the government not seen what’e happening in Denmark and UK ?? Is there not a problem somewhere if the vaccine is supposed to protect us and put an end to the pandemic ???

    • Interesting point you make on Denmark and the UK (which can be extended to Norway and Sweden as well, where they never were that strict). The explanation is simple: in these countries they don’t use the EURO. (Ireland is an exception, I know)
      I think that in the meantime everybody understands that the use of the QR codes (digital Corona certificate or what is it called) to get access to certain activities has nothing to do with our health, as vaccinated people can carry and spread the virus as easily as unvaccinated people. So this QR-code is not a measure to stop the spread of the virus (here in Belgium, an expert even called it a ‘fire accelerator’ that contributed to the increase in cases during the 4th and the 5th wave). No, it was the goal to get everybody into these QR-codes. This way, the digital European ID, followed by a digital (EURO) currency will be facilitated. And if afterwards, your social credit rating is too low (in other words, if you didn’t behave like a good citizen by accepting everything the government tells you to do), your QR will color red and your bank account will be blocked for certain things. Conspiracy theory? I hope so, but I fear it’s not… Reason for this: all countries have a massive debt burden and are nearly bankrupt. Creating a huge inflation (what we see happening now) is one of the solutions, transitioning to a new digital currency is another.