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Greece’s health experts recommend lifting limit in seated customers, other restrictions remain

Restrictions in the maximum number of customers seated per table in cafes, restaurants, bars and entertainment venues should be lifted, the health ministry’s committee of health experts reportedly proposed at a meeting on Wednesday.

Under the current Covid-restrictions, only 6 seated customers per table are allowed in these establishments.

The number could be increased to 8, medical news website healthreport noted.

This is apparently the only concession the epidemiologists’ committee was willing to make and proposed that the measure to ban standing customers remains in effect.

According to media information, the country’s epidemiologists decided to propose to the government that no other restriction should be lifted including the ones for sports events and Carnival celebrations.

They recommended that occupancy in soccer stadiums remains at 10%.

Regarding the Carnival, epidemiologists do not agree in allowing the celebrations mainly due to crowding that cannot be controlled. Yet, the issue is to be discussed again at a later point.

Nevertheless, the final decision is up to the government and this decision is due later today.

Note that since February 7only vaccinated citizens or those recovered from Covid-19 are allowed in the indoor spaces of restaurants and other venues and all citizens over 18 years old are considered as “unvaccinated” if they have not received the booster shot up to 7 months after their full vaccination. The measure is valid also for foreign tourists.

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