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Mother of businessman abducted 50 days ago appeals to kidnappers’ “humanity”

The mother of the businessman abducted 50 days ago has gone public with an appeal to the kidnappers as there has been not contact to them since quite some time. The 40-year-old man was abducted near his home in Drafi, eastern Attica, in the night of December 28, 2021.

Speaking to state-run news agency amna, the mother appeals to the “humanity” of her son’s abductors begging them to contact her and the man’s family..

“Our Giorgos has not returned to us yet. I’m a mother. I beg you, you who are holding my child, to contact us. Tell us that Giorgos is fine. I’m begging you. We are doing everything we can to find a solution quickly and I think you will agree. I appeal to your humanity,” Olga Kyparissi said in her appeal.

A few hours after the abduction, the kidnappers contacted the victim’s brother asking a ransom of over 1,000,000 euros.

More details did not leak to the press due to the sensitivity of the case.

On the occasion of the mother’s appeal today, Thursday, February 17, media report that there has been no contact between the kidnappers and the family for over a month,

It is recalled that George Kyparissis was abducted on the night of December 29 near his home and the kidnappers contacted his brother a little later asking for a ransom of 1,000,000 euros to set him free.

For more than a month, however, there has been no other communication.
The Chronicles

The perpetrators kidnapped the businessman on Tuesday night (28.12.2021) while he was returning from a tavern to his home in Drafi.

At the moment when the kidnappers “hit”, the 40-year-old was talking on the phone with a friendly person from abroad, a woman, with whom he was talking while he was in the tavern and then he left.

The call, lasting 22 minutes, ended at 00.02 and in the last seconds the kidnappers of the businessman are heard. The 40-year-old was reportedly calm and relaxed and his behavior showed that he was trying to save time, possibly to inform the police, when he was attacked.

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