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Greeks in outrage as Culture Ministry suspends events related to Russia, incl Bolshoi’s Swan Lake

Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni triggered an outrage when she ordered the suspension of performances by Russian creators and performers and any current or upcoming activities and events held in Greece in collaboration with Russian cultural organizations.

In a statement issued on Monday, the Culture Ministry said that by orders of Minister Mendoni, it cancels the planned broadcast of Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” performed by the Bolshoi Ballet Live from Moscow, on Sunday, March 6, at Athens Concert Hall.

Furthermore, the Ministry suspends the implementation, cooperation, planning or discussion of events with Russian cultural organizations.

The Ministry had already canceled the Opera Gala event, scheduled for Thursday, March 3, the statement added.

The relevant announcement posted on the Ministry’s Facebook page triggered an outrage and  dozens of Greeks posted  biting comments.

some comments:

*It is one thing to impose sanctions that are intended to put pressure on a country’s leadership and economic elite, and it is another to cancel cultural events that are the comfort of all people.

*Do not confuse governments with the peoples and cultures of other people with the actions of governments. There universities that are exclusively for Russian history and language, so what will you do, close them down? Respect the Russian speakers who live here.

*You are dangerously ridiculous and, of course, outrageously uneducated.

*In terms of culture, you have no culture, though

*As soon as the burning of books starts, let us know.

*You are the most ridiculous of all times

* Tchaikovsky’s father was Ukrainian, his mother French. You are uneducated.

* We will soon read Tolstoi in the basement and we’ll hide Tchaikovsky’s records in the basket with the dirty laundry. Mendoni is a shame for the culture in Greece.

Some Greek commented that the Ministry is exposing itself as the Concert Hall had already postponed the Opera Gala noting that the artist, soprano Dinara Alieva had asked for the postponement of the event due to travel difficulties from and to Moscow and for the audience’s understanding.

Note that on Monday, Greece closed its airspace for Russian flights in line with EU decisions.

the Swan Lake was still on Concert Hall’s website on Monday evening.

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  1. We should not punish people for the actions of their leaders.

    • So by punished I can only imagine you mean stopping people donning their mink coats sliding into their Mercedes and galavanting off to the opera/ballet .
      Let’s just reflect on that thought for a moment.
      Ok back to reality, Putin runs a two tier dictatorship ,lower tier for the controlled masses ,upper tier for his plutacrates and sicophants who are drip fed privilege to garuntee him appeasement.
      Time to wake up ,your ballet company directors and society figures are knee deep in the effluent and corruption that props up this tyranny, just like you with your misguided throwaway comment.

      • keeptalkinggreece

        opera is not for the elites, we go in jeans there since 1/2 a century

        • I actually sold a pair of 501 jeans to a politician in Moscow for the equivalent of 3 months wages in 1978, no wonder he wore them to the ballet, 😂

  2. I am Greek and I have to say this: Those who protest about suspending cultural or athletic events related to Russia are very sort-sighted. They don’t consider the necessary security measures the country has to take related to transfer, residence, and open performance of those people, against attacks by any hotheaded or drunk or “angry Nazis” real or made up. They underestimate the cost and the danger, but also the Putin propaganda and the way he acts internationally. So, if you want to ever see Bolsoi ballet ever again, don’t accept them in your country now !

  3. There is a frenzy of stupidity sweeping everywhere, which is hard to stop. Obviously you cannot “cancel” a country, its people and its culture, they are still going to be there when the war is over, and nobody can pretend to know beforehand who will come out as the winner.

  4. This is one of the most stupid and editorialized articles I’ve ever read on this site.