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Women’s Day: Thousands march in Athens demanding end of gender-based violence, sexism

Thousands of people marched to the Greek Parliament demanding the end of gender-based violence and sexism as well as the recognition of term “femicide” as legal term. The protesters marched through downtown Athens on the occasion of the International Women’s Day chanting slogans supporting women but also against the war in Ukraine.


Among the participants were several organizations including the Greek Women’s Federation, students and migrants associations, the union umbrella of civil servants union ADEDY, and labor unions of the private sector. the center of Labor unions.


“Our lives have worth. Don’t close your eyes.”


“Never ever someone asked a rapist where he was , what he wore, if he drank too much”

Present at the march on Women’s Day were also representatives of the organization “Ukrainian Women in Greece”  who marched holding yellow carnations and met with great applause.

In Thessaloniki, the municipality organized an event against all forms of violence against women. Participants arranged women’s shoes on the floor, a symbol against femicide.

Violence against women is top of the society’s agenda as the country has been experiencing an increase of  incidents against women with some of them ending deadly.

*Athens pictures and thumbnail via @ChristosXanthakis

“Τhey planted in us fear, but wings grew.”

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  1. I was there in Athens watching and I got into a couple of very heated fights (arguments) with some of the marchers. I was taking some pictures with my iPhone and a few came over and demanded that I stop taking pictures. I said stop marching on public streets if you don’t want your picture taken. They said I must stop. I said no I will not stop. The police are afraid of them. The guards guarding public buildings just watched as the demonstrators wrote graffiti slogans on the walls. No one does anything. No one challenges them. They own the streets because no one will stand up to them. It’s sad.

  2. The really sad thing is that these marches need to be held! Gender-based violence and mens incapability to see women as equals is the big problem. Why are you men so treatened by a woman instead of seeing her as an equal????? You all have mothers, dont you??!

    • Right now men are not allowed to leave Ukraine. They have to stay and fight in meat grinder. Border police searches trains and busses and will detain every men, even bus drivers…

      Please stop saying stuff like this. It is clearly not true!

  3. How many femicides last year? I lost count of the amount of news articles, it seemed like one every couple of weeks. The world is a very sad and depressing place