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Greece to abolish the Covid-Pass by Easter, says epidemiologist Majorkinis

Member of Greece’s Epidemiologists’ Committee advising the Health Ministry, assistant epidemiology professor Gikas Majorkinis said on Sunday that the Covid-Pass will most likely be abolished before Easter, which this year is on April 24.

Speaking to state broadcaster ERT, he said that the vaccination certificate will be abolished by Easter, saying characteristically “this will happen in the next one to two months.”

“Maybe on the Holy Week we will not have the Covid-pass,” Majorkinis stressed adding “once there is no pressure at the moment in the Health system, there is no reason to use it.

Regarding the epidemiological situation of the country in the last days, he estimated that “gradually the deaths and the people who need serious help will decrease” and noted “if the situation continues like this” there is a 50% chance that we will not need a vaccination certificate to enter closed places by Easter:”

Majorkinis did not elaborate, but media reported that no Covid-Pass will be needed in the closed spaces of restaurants and other venues or shops.

He said that “we are in a transitional stage of the pandemic, some may call it endemic.”

He noted that “there is no possibility of zeroing the infection cases,” noting that the health system is currently not under pressure.”

“We believe that the hard markers will continue to fall in our country” and this due to vaccines and the natural immunity that exists as many people have fallen ill, he added.

He stressed, however, that a possible increase in hospitalizations could return. “Estimation models predict that we will probably have pressure on the health system again in October.”

Meanwhile in Italy, which had been hit hard by the coronavirus during the first wave, also abolished the vaccination certificate. Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, has reportedly confirmed that his government approved the substantial easing of measures against the pandemic. Thus, from the 1st of April, the vaccination certificate will no longer be necessary in the open spaces, while from the 1st of May, it will not be needed indoors either.

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