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Turkish F-16 violate Greece’s airspace, flyover islands on daily basis

Turkish fighter jets continue to violate Greece’s airspace and fly over Greek islands in the east of the country.

Two pairs of Turkish F-16 violated twice the Greek airspace alone on Tuesday and flew over the island of Oinousses at 10:57 in the morning and 2:53 in the afternoon.

A third pair of F-16 flew over the islet of Panagia around 11 o’ clock in the morning and at a very low altitude of 1,500 feet.

On Monday, Greece recorded a total of six similar incidents. In addition, there were two cases of so-called “dog fights”, when Greek fighter jets intercepted the Turkish ones.

Note that the exercise “Motherland” is currently taking place in Turkey.

PS some mean Greeks recall a meeting between PM Mitsotakis and President Erdogan a month ago where the two leaders agreed to lower tension due to the war in Ukraine.

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  1. It remains a mater of time before this Muslim autocrat pirate creates a fatal miscalculation to trigger armed conflict.

    America sanctions are doing little to inhibit provocations before Turkey’s military is ultimately destroyed by French and Greek forces.

  2. The situation in Europe continues to be tense because of the fighting in Ukraine. It’s also uneasy in the international arena due to sanctions against Russia.
    Meanwhile, Turkey continues to do its dark deeds. These cases are dark because they provoke additional tension in the Balkan region. But Mr. Erdogan is no way given the understanding that all these actions lead to hatred towards him and causes a hostile mood! He acts like a bad student at school.
    In addition, Erdogan announced his intention to improve international relations with Greece about a month ago against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine. At first glance, this is a good intention, which should have matured in his head a long time ago. But what do we see in the end, a month later? Unfortunately, nothing has changed. There’s not even a positive trend in realty. Everything turned out to be another Turkish nonsense.
    What is the president of Turkey counting on? It looks like our patience is being tested for involvement. However, it’s high time for Erdogan to understand that he will have recon with Greece. Even if he doesn’t want to. He also mustn’t forget that the cup of patience can overflow…

  3. What do you expect from some uneducated nationalist who jails his judges and journalists, aligns himself with terrorist organizations like Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, bought ISIS oil while attacking US allied Kurds, tried to violently trespass Greece border using opportunist migrants posing a refugees, state controlled media, a questionable coup to consolidate power, ignoring international laws, assaulting American protestors, buying S400s while aligning himself with a Russia he plays under NATOs protection after shooting down one of its planes and now Ukraine using Turkish drones, etc., it is so endless

    It is almost as though his playbook emboldens other dictators who’s bellicose saber rattling bullies civil nations into avoiding war.

    How long is this coward going to simply fly by or send ships to het their tails kicked while his economy languishes mercilessly to this embezzler’s whims. The Turkish people would do well to get rid of this dictator as much as the Russian people would do well to get rid of Putin. They are modern day Hitlers but backwards with brainless aggression as their preferred tool during this 21st century.

    Criminal leaders take a confused public by surprise to create the wrong adversaries and allies to their selfish gain and at the fooled public’s expense with callous disregard.